IPO: Unblocking Funds- When? How? What? 

Do you apply for IPOs? Do you get anxious about your blocked amount in case of Non-Allotment or Partial Allotment? 

It’s time for you to relax and read this little brief on —

  • When your funds will be unblocked 
  • How much amount will be released
  • Whom to approach if there is any delay

Every IPO has a timeline for allotment and listing. One of the dates you will find on an IPO timeline is the UPI mandate expiry date. This date is important because any blocked amount will be released on or before this date.

(Look for IPO Alerts to see the timeline of your respective IPOs here: Announcement.)

When you apply for an IPO, there are 3 scenarios that are possible. Let’s take a look at what happens to your blocked funds in each of these cases: 

How to check your allotment status

The respective amount will be released to your bank account depending on the above cases on or before the UPI mandate expiry date. 

Funds still blocked post UPI mandate expiry date?

In the unfortunate case that your funds remain blocked even post the UPI mandate expiry date, you should reach out to your bank from which you have applied for the IPO, for a resolution and follow their escalation matrix if needed. 

As much as your broker might want to help you, remember that he is not the correct person or channel to resolve this issue and has no control over blocking or unblocking your funds during an IPO. 

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