IPO Alert: Netweb Technologies India Ltd.

Netweb is one of India’s leading Indian origin owned and controlled OEM in the space of High-end computing solutions providing supercomputing systems, private cloud and HCI, data centre servers, AI systems and enterprise workstations and High - Performance Storage solutions.  

The below table has important dates with respect to the IPO allotment and listing.

Finalization of Basis of Allotment24-Jul-23
Initiation of Refunds25-Jul-23
Credit of Shares to Demat Acct26-Jul-23
IPO Shares Listing Date27-Jul-23
UPI mandate expiry date28-Jul-23

In case you have not been allotted for any partial allotment of IPO shares, the blocked amount, if any, will be unblocked/released on or before UPI mandate expiry date as mentioned in the above table. Please reach out to your bank in case funds are not unblocked/released post the mandate expiry date.

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