1. All upfront margins are to be collected in advance of trade.
2. Clearing Members are required to collect margins on consolidated crystallised obligation from its respective Trading Members (TM)/ Custodial Participants (CP) only in the from of cash.
3. T day margins on consolidated crystallised obligations has to be collected by T+1 day.
4. The Clearing Members (CM) shall report segment wise shortfall amount of Crystallised Settlement Obligation of TM and CP to the clearing corporation in excess of Rs 5 lacs if the shortfall continues beyond 1 day of the stipulated timeframe.
5. Clearing Member shall be required to have risk management policy covering collection of margin, procedure for bifurcation of TM proprietary and client collateral, ratio of cash and non cash collateral, upper cap on acceptance of securities from a member to avoid concentration risk etc.
For more information read the full NSE circular

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