FINNIFTY at Your Fingertips: Track and Trade the Index Easily on the Angel One App

Seamlessly track charts and options chains of the FINNIFTY index and trade F&O on it.

What is New?

  • Angel One has added FINNIFTY as one of the indices that you can track on the Home page itself
  • You can now seamlessly switch between the chart, option chain, and order pages of FINNIFTY
  • You can now access calls (or expert advice) on FINNIFTY under the standard stock advisory offered by Angel One
  • How to View FINNIFTY on Angel One?

  • Visit Angel One Home Page and click on 'Market Today'
  • Now you will find two indices along with the change in their value since the previous closing
  • If you still can't see FINNIFTY, click on the down arrow on the right. Here you will see four indices – NIFTY, SENSEX, BANKNIFTY, and FINNIFTY
  • Choose FINNIFTY by checking the box next to it and one more index out of the remaining three
  • Click on 'Save', and you will see FINNIFTY added to the card
  • You can also view the same indices on top of the Watchlist section and follow the aforementioned steps to view FINNIFTY on the card.

    To learn how to check FINNIFTY's performance and how to trade in it, click here.

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