[Updated 30-Jun] DDPI to replace POA from 01-Sep

To safeguard the interests of investors, SEBI has introduced a new document called - Demat, Debit and Pledge Instruction (DDPI) which will replace POA (Power of Attorney) and will come into effect from 01-Sep-22 01-Jul-22.

You can use DDPI to authorize your broker and depository participant to access your demat account only to meet pay-in obligations for settlement of trades executed by you.

The use of DDPI will be limited only for two purposes:

  • To transfer securities held in your account towards stock exchange related deliveries or settlement obligations
  • To pledge/re-pledge securities

Post DDPI, please follow the below guidelines for authorization of other transactions:

Type of TransactionPost DDPI, Authorized via
Corporate Actions (Buyback, Takeovers, Delisting, etc)e-DIS
Mutual Fund & Rights Entitlement Sell transactionsCDSL TPIN & OTP

Existing PoAs will continue to remain valid till the time you revoke the same.

If you have not submitted your POA, and do not wish to submit POA/DDPI – You can continue trading the way you currently do, which means:

  • You need to authorize your sell transactions using CDSL TPIN and OTP
  • For any Corporate Actions (Buyback, Takeovers, Delisting, etc) – you will need to complete the settlement via e-DIS

Please refer: Circular 1 |Circular 2

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