Change in Average Price Calculation of Commodity Contracts

This is to inform you that w.e.f 21-Aug-2023, we have introduced a change in calculating the Average Price for Commodity contracts. 

The Average Price of the position does not include any charges or brokerage on the trading day (T day). After the end of the day billing, the updated Average Price is updated on the Contract note, and the same is updated in the Position book on the next day (T+1 day). 

Earlier, the Average Price in the Position book on T+1 day did not include brokerage and did not match the Contract Note Average Price. With this new change, the Average Price on T+1 day will include the brokerage. 

Let’s understand this with an example.

A user bought 10 units of OPTFUT SILVERM 2023-08-22 75000.00 CE

Buy Amount: Rs. 11100

Brokerage: Rs. 500

Other charges: Rs. 96.8954

Old Average Price: (11100+96.8954)/10 = 1119.68954

New Average Price: (11100+96.8954+500)/10 = 1169.68954

Difference between the 2 Average Prices = Rs 50

Scrip nameQuantityBuy amountBrokerageOther chargesOld Avg Price (Buy amt + Other charges)/QtyNew Avg Price (Buy amt + Brokerage + Other charges)/QtyDifference (New Avg price - Old Avg price)
OPTFUT SILVERM 2023-08-22 75000.00 CE101110050096.89541119.689541169.6895450
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