Caution: De-merger of Reliance Industries Ltd.

Per circulars from BSE and NSE, Reliance Industries Ltd. will demerge w.e.f. 20-Jul-2023. 

Due to this de-merger, 1 additional equity share of Reliance Strategic Investments Ltd. will be allotted for every 1 equity share held in Reliance Industries Ltd.

Name of CompanySymbolScrip Code
Reliance Industries Ltd.RELIANCE500325

Following are the important actions that will take place in regard to the Reliance Industries Ltd. scrip at Angel One.

Action to be takenAction date
Trading in Reliance Industries Ltd. shares will be allowed under Margin Product with the client having 32% Margin14-Jul-2023
32% Margin will be applicable for F&O segment positions (existing & fresh positions for Reliance Industries Ltd. contracts)14-Jul-2023
Existing MTF (Margin Trading Funding) position in Reliance Industries Ltd. Margin will be charged to 32%14-Jul-2023
Exposure will be provided against Reliance Industries Ltd. shares after 32% Haircut17-Jul-2023
Derivative Option buying under Reliance Industries Ltd. will be discontinued17-Jul-2023
In case of any margin shortfall, square-off will be done to the extent of ledger debit/Margin shortage17-Jul-2023
Derivatives (Futures/Option) open positions for Reliance Industries Ltd. will be converted into physical delivery if the Exchange allows19-Jul-2023
In case of any MTM shortage, the client needs to provide additional collaterals to carry forward the open positions20-Jul-2023

Caution: All F&O Contracts specifications will display the original expiry date but the contracts will be available to trade till 19-Jul-2023 only, irrespective of the original expiry.

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