Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting - October 2021

Here's the list of the latest Buybacks, Takeovers and De-listing. The Offer Period and Price are mentioned along with them. To participate in any of these:

Scrip NameSub TypeStart DateEnd DateFloor Price
GOLDTECHTakeover28-Oct-2112-Nov-21Rs. 14.30
MEL Takeover28-Oct-2112-Nov-21Rs. 9.5
HGINDTakeover27-Oct-2111-Nov-21Rs. 41
MEGASOFT Takeover26-Oct-2110-Nov-21Rs. 16.70
ECLERXBuyback18-Oct-2101-Nov-21Rs. 2850
INTELLCAPTakeover18-Oct-2101-Nov-21Rs. 2
TEJASNETTakeover11-Oct-2126-Oct-21Rs. 258
HAZOOR Takeover8-Oct-2125-Oct-21Rs. 18
RISHIROOPBuyback5-Oct-2120-Oct-21Rs. 125
7NR Takeover4-Oct-2118-Oct-21Rs. 8.78
LORDSCHLOTakeover4-Oct-2118-Oct-21Rs. 47.75
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