Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting - May 2021

Here's the list of the latest Buybacks, Takeovers and De-listing. The Offer Period and Price are mentioned along with them. To participate in any of these call us on 022-68071111 / 022-42185454 or write to us at

Scrip NameSub TypeStart DateEnd DateFloor Price
QUICKHEALBuyback31-May-2111-Jun-21Rs. 245
MANGINDTakeover31-May-2111-Jun-21Re. 0.5
BAJRFINDelisting24-May-2131-May-21Rs. 13.18
MJCOTakeover20-May-2103-Jun-21Rs. 77
IFSLDelisting19-May-2125-May-21Rs. 32.54
SISBuyback12-May-2127-May-21Rs. 550
SOLEX Takeover07-May-2121-May-21Rs. 35
MAGMATakeover04-May-2118-May-21Rs. 70.27
HUSYSLTDDelisting03-May-2107-May-21Rs. 73.43
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