Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting - January 2023

Here's the list of the latest Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting. The Offer Period and Price are mentioned along with them. To participate in any of these:

  • Write to us at or
  • Call us on 18001020
  • Scrip NameBSE/NSE CircularSub TypeStart DateEnd DateFloor Price
    GOVAIBSE CircularTakeover25-01-2308-02-23Rs. 0.1
    TRITURBINEBSE CircularBuyback17-01-2331-01-23Rs. 350
    SAVINFOCOBSE CircularTakeover10-01-2323-01-23Rs. 3
    MEDIAONEBSE CircularTakeover10-01-2323-01-23Rs. 2
    AUTOAXLES BSE CircularTakeover22-12-2204-01-23Rs. 1601.29
    TANLABSE CircularBuyback20-12-2202-01-23Rs. 1200
    DHANUKABSE CircularBuyback26-12-2206-01-23Rs. 850
    DFMCOFNSE CircularCounteroffer30-12-2205-01-23Rs. 467
    VALBSE CircularTakeover30-12-2205-01-23Rs. 20
    ARHNTTOBSE CircularTakeover06-01-2319-01-23Rs. 1.50
    INERTIASTBSE CircularTakeover06-01-2319-01-23Rs. 10
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