Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting - February 2022

Here's the list of the latest Buybacks, Takeovers and De-listing. The Offer Period and Price are mentioned along with them. To participate in any of these:

Scrip NameSub TypeStart DateEnd DateFloor Price
KACHCHHTakeover25-02-2211-03-22Rs. 8
KRISHNATakeover25-02-2211-03-22Rs. 11.5
JAMESWARRENBuyback23-02-2209-03-22Rs. 295
CLNINDIATakeover16-02-2202-03-22Rs. 493.84
JINDCAP Takeover15-02-2228-02-22Rs. 9.72
PARSHINVTakeover10-02-2223-02-22Rs. 7
IFL Takeover08-02-2221-02-22Rs. 20
REMITRDelisting07-02-2211-02-22Rs. 14.92
AJANTPHARMBuyback03-02-2216-02-22Rs. 2550
SOLIDCODelisting02-02-2208-02-22Rs. 18.15
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