AP consent for Bank and Demat account statements

In an endeavor to reduce the burden of submission of documents by the AP at the time of audit, we have tied up with CAMS to auto-fetch bank statements & demat account statements, for which we require the AP to give their consent. 

The AP consent will greatly reduce backlog and also minimize manual submitting of statements as required during audit, by law. 

Here are quick and easy steps to follow using the NXT account.

1. Log into NXT as an Admin user

2. Go to Profile > Upload Statement

3. Click on Proceed

4. You will be redirected to CAMS website and an OTP will be sent to your Mobile number

5. Select the bank for which you want to share consent

6. Once done, you will be redirected to the NXT dashboard

7. The consent will be captured and will be valid for 1 year

8. Follow the same process for the Demat statement and check your status whether it is ‘Success’ or ‘Rejected’.

For a more detailed account of the process, click here

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