Angel One: the New Angel Broking

A brand goes through a metamorphosis as it grows and evolves in response to the needs of the customers and the changing trends. The turn of Angel Broking has arrived now. Angel Broking is unfolding itself as ‘Angel One’, intending to be the one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

When it comes to Angel, metamorphosis is not just changing the name or re-branding but becoming bigger, stronger, smarter and re-inventing ourselves as a platform that promises to be your #OneForAll finance and investment buddy.

Why ‘Angel One’?

When 25 years of expertise and experience in Dalal street collaborated with the relevant technology and trends, one timeless transformation took place, aspiring to become one destination, one preference, one champion for finance and investment, committing to the needs of the new age Indian investors, giving rise to ‘Angel One’.

Our new colors represent us embracing these new changes and reflect our energy and enthusiasm.

  • Royal Blue to signify Stability
  • Green symbolizing Prosperity & Progress
  • Orange to represent Youthful Vibrancy 

We are also revamping our brand language with contemporary styles and incorporating a cool,modern, tech-savvy brand image.

We have empowered millions of Indian retail investors to take part in equity markets in the last 25 years. Now, as Angel One, we aim to inspire every Indian to invest and achieve their financial dreams, making finance and investing easily accessible to everyone in one place.

Now that Angel One is bringing everything under one umbrella to make your finance and investments hassle-free, gear up to realize your financial dreams.

Check out the video of our transformation

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