Amalgamation of companies with Hindustan Udyog Limited

National Company Law Tribunal, Kolkata under Companies Act, 2013 has sanctioned the amalgamation of the following transferor companies with the transferee company Hindustan Udyog Limited (HUL):

  1. Tea Time Ltd. 
  2. Neptune Exports Ltd.
  3. Northern Projects Ltd.
  4. Orient International Limited (Not listed)

In consideration of the scheme of amalgamation, the shareholders of the transferor companies are to be credited fully paid equity shares of HUL in the following Share Exchange Ratio:

For the scheme of amalgamation, the record date is set as 30-Mar-22. In this regard, BSE advised not to deal in the equity shares of transferor companies from  30-Mar-22.

Circulars: BSE1|BSE2|BSE3

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