Alert: F&O contracts on 2 securities to stop from 01-Jul-22

Do you know that the stocks have to fulfill specific eligibility criteria to trade under F&O?

SEBI has laid down specific eligibility criteria  for the selection of stocks to trade in the F&O segment (Read here to know the criteria for the inclusion of stocks in the F&O segment)

Once security is included to trade in the F&O segment, it has to continue to meet the eligibility criteria to remain in the F&O segment. If any existing security under F&O fails to meet the eligibility criteria consecutively for 3 months, then a new month contract will not be issued on that security.

As per a recent BSE circular, the F&O contracts for new expiry months from 01-Jul-22 will not be issued on the expiry of existing contract months for the following 2 securities:

Security NameSymbolScrip Code

For more information, refer to

BSE Circular

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