Incorporated in 2017, KFin Technologies Limited is a leading technology-driven financial services platform. The company
provides services and solutions to asset
managers and corporate issuers across asset classes in India and provides several
investor solutions including transaction origination and processing for mutual funds
and private retirement schemes in Malaysia, the Philippines and Hong Kong. As on
September 30, 2022, the company is Indias largest investor solutions provider to
Indian mutual funds, based on several AMC clients serviced. The company is also
servicing 301 funds of 192 asset managers in India as on September 30, 2022. The
company has classified its products and services in three categories viz. Investor
solutions (Account setup, Transaction origin, Redemption, Brokerage calculations,
Compliance, / Regulatory reporting), Issuer Solutions (Folio creation and maintenance, Transaction processing for IPO, FPO etc), Global business domestic mutual services (Mortgage services Legal Services Transfer Agency Finance and accounting)

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