Radar Signal Trading System

Several systems have been developed over the years to help investors navigate through the stock market while sticking to their investment strategy and goals. Radar Signal Trading System is one of such methods which gives a buy or sell signal, generated via analysis.

These analyses could be a result of mathematical algorithms based on market movement or manual analysis using technical indicators. The buy or sell signal is typically generated on a predetermined set of formulas. The system, therefore, helps a trader analyse a number of stocks in a short while.

What is a radar signal trading system?

Radar signal trading system essentially filters the noise from the security market. It helps an investor zero into those stocks which fit his or investment needs and goals. Apart from the buy

or sell triggers, trade signals are used to modify portfolios.

For instance, it can tell a bond trader to adjust the duration of a portfolio by selling one maturity and buying a different maturity. It can help shift investment from one asset class like stocks to bonds or commodities.

The radar signal trading system can have varying inputs. Although a major component of it is the technical analysis, fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis also forms a part.

Example: The system will issue a signal automatically according to investors input. The input could be as simple as sell when a stock hits a 52-week or a buy in case of a pattern break-out out of a technical formation. If a stock shows higher volumes during a volatile market day, the signal may come handy since could be a precursor to a move in the security.


Radar signal trading systems make it easy for investors to instantly know how many stocks opened higher or lower. It indicates how many securities broke resistance level or support level. Similarly, changing volumes on a volatile day can be easily understood by the system. A number of such technical indicators are difficult to track without a broad system to track the same.

Common inputs

Volume: High volume is often believed to be a precursor to a fresh move in a stock. This could be used as an input for the system. This comes especially handy in these circumstances when the overall markets are very volatile and investors are scrambling to find a way to make the right investment or cut losses.

Interest rates: The interest rate is one of the most important cues for an investor. Much also depends on the expectation of the markets, inflation levels and policy space available with the central bank. Changes in interest rate can trigger interest in some rate-sensitive stocks.

Valuation: Stock valuation is also a key method to get know a sense of the value of a stock. For instance, a very very high valuation compared to the particular sector may be a time to sell.

Pattern: Several signs are tracked by traders in the technical analysis of security to predict its move on the basis of its historic move. It can act as an important signal to make a buy or sell decision.

Moving average: 50 or 200 DMA (Day Moving Averages) is another key parameter watched by traders. An investor can put the input which would suggest the crossing of a particular stock above or below the DMA.

Sentiments: It is a long-observed trend that excessive positivity is indicative of a market top and excessive bearishness may indicate a bottom. Such signals can help investors make apt investment decisions at important junctures.

Radar signal MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4 (mt4) platform is a frequently used platform for traders which allows the execution of complex investment strategies. The platform provides traders with real-time data and helps execute algorithmic trading programs. Radar signal mt4 is also considered the most efficient trading platform for mature investors.

A radar signal mt4 also provides user access to a number of indicators and gives an option to make your own indicator. It is one of the most widely used trading platforms and is considered a benchmark platform for retail forex traders worldwide.

Conclusion :

Traders across the world are opting for more and more mechanical methods trading. While the idea is to cut human error, several of these methods are not full proof and require caution. Radar Signal Trading System helps investors to make use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to give them buy or sell signals. Most importantly it makes it easy for an investor to understand the key market trend, which is difficult without such a system owing to a large number of listed securities in the market.