Make the most of Angel One’s Research

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by Angel One

Indian millennials are getting into stock trading as a potential investment tool. However, the complex nature of the market makes trading tricky for retail investors. A well-researched and skilled advisory may help investors to make informed choices. Angel One provides a few of the best advisory services that pick the top scrips for all its clients based on their profiles. Let’s explore the wealth of benefits offered by Angel One’s research section.

Angel One provides the following advisory services to its clients

1. ARQ Prime (paid)

2. Angel Platinum (paid)

3. Angel Top Picks (Free for Angel Clients)

4. Advisory (Free for Angel Clients)

Along with the above-mentioned advisory services, Angel One lets its clients use the following external services on its platform.

Sensibull: The largest Options trading platform using pro tools with expert advice

Smallcase: Modern investment products that help you build a low-cost, long-term & diversified portfolio easily

Streak: Rule-based trading platform without coding in 3 simple steps-Create, Backtest, Deploy

How can one view the advisory recommendations on Angel One mobile app?

ARQ Prime and Angel Platinum

  • Log in to Angel One mobile app
  • Click on the hamburger menu, find ‘ARQ Advisory’, which has ARQ Prime and Angel Platinum services in its dropdown menu

ARQ Prime Recommendations, Angel Platinum, External Services

  • Log in to Angel One mobile app
  • Click on the ‘Research’ at the bottom
  • Under ‘Research Advisory’, you can find ARQ Prime and recommendations for Intraday, ShortTerm, LongTerm, Commodity, and Currency
  • Under ‘External Service’, you can access Sensibull, smallcase, and Streak

ARQ Prime

What is ARQ Prime?

ARQ Prime is Angel One’s rule-based investment advisory engine that recommends up to 15 stocks for investment. It is algorithm-based and works on an established set of rules, excluding human biases.

Why choose ARQ Prime?

  • Algorithm-based recommendations with no emotional bias
  • ARQ Prime is developed using powerful insights by market experts
  • Intensely tested in different market conditions for consistent outperformance
  • Live updates to never miss a Buy or a Sell

Learn more about the ARQ experience here.

How to access ARQ Prime?

Select ARQ Prime either under ‘Research Advice’ in the Research tab or the ARQ Advisory dropdown on the hamburger menu of the Angel One mobile app

Overview: Gives you an overview of ARQ performance and its features

Live Calls: Gives the latest ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ recommendations. The ARQ portfolio allocation will advise you on how much liquidity you should have for future opportunities

My call history: Shows the returns you made on your ARQ recommended investments to date.

Angel Platinum

What is Angel Platinum service?

Angel Platinum is an exclusive advisory product tailor-made for clients who prefer long-term investment as a mode of investing. It is a personal portfolio management service available to Angel One clients at a nominal charge. Angel Platinum will help you create a balanced and diversified equity portfolio for long-term wealth creation recommending 25-35 stocks for long-term investment.

Why choose Angel Platinum for Long term investment?

  • Focusing on fundamentally strong companies for long term wealth creation
  • A diversified portfolio of 25 -35 stocks
  • Generated market-beating returns
  • Live updates to make changes in the portfolio during market hours

Angel Platinum also provides services like Special Webinars, Weekly Profit & Loss reports, Quarterly Profit & Loss reports, Personalised Advisory, etc., on your registered Email address.


Angel One provides free-of-cost recommendations to all its clients along with holding-time horizons offered in all the segments. Through its extensive research, Angel One suggests the active picks to trade for its clients under the following sections

  • Intraday
  • ShortTerm ( 10-15 days)
  • LongTerm (> 6 months)-Active Top Picks
  • Commodity
  • Currency

Advisory :

Angel Top Picks : 


Angel One maintains transparency making visible the performance report of the past 90 days for each section.

How to read the Advisory on the Research tab?

  • On scrolling down the Research Advice tab, you can find the performance report and active picks available for Intraday, ShortTerm, LongTerm, Commodity, and Currency, respectively
  • The performance bar gives the number of positive and negative recommendation calls made in the last 90 days
  • The number of active recommendations available can be seen above the performance index

  • You can see the list of active scrips picked across different segments by selecting the section you are looking for. You can view active scrips from any segment using the filter option on the top, as shown in the following screenshots.

  • It advises Buy Price, Stop Loss price, and Target Price for every active pick (scrip) recommended along with Estimated Loss and Estimated Gain for a particular quantity

  • Click ‘BUY’ to open the transaction page to complete the journey, as shown below.

Now that you know how to access Angel One advisory services, optimise risks and returns using them. Happy Trading!