Easy Steps to Avail Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

With Increased Capacity to Trade, Affordable Interest Rates, Super Convenient Process – Angel One’s Margin Trading Facility (MTF) is a real gift for the interested investor. Here is how to avail of this exciting facility with Angel One and get up to 4x buying power.

Log in to your Angel One Mobile App or Web Platform and follow these quick steps to avail MTF:

Step 1: Look for the stock that you want and Click Buy

Step 2: Enter Quantity, Select Product Type as Margin. Confirm Buy

Step 3: Authorize your MTF Pledge request by 9:00 pm on the same day.

That’s it! So simple

To make the most of MTF, remember the following dos and don’ts:

Remember to Pledge your shares purchased under MTF within the stipulated timeline, i.e. before 9:00 pm on the day of purchase.

Here’s how you can complete your MTF Pledge Process:

  • Once your MTF request is approved, check your Email/SMS for communications related to MTF Pledge Request Initiated
  • Click the CDSL link in the Email/SMS (You will be redirected to CDSL’s website)
  • Enter PAN/Demat Account Details
  • Select Stocks to Pledge
  • Generate OTP
  • Enter received OTP to Authorize and complete the Process

Don’t ignore any Margin Shortfall. In Margin Shortfall, the shares will be squared-off in 4 trading days after the shortfall has occurred.

Trade wisely. Opt for MTF after doing your homework and ensuring that the trade is right for you.

Don’t forget that MTF is a kind of a loan. Hence you are liable to pay interest on it. An Interest rate of 0.049% per day (18% per annum) is charged on the borrowed amount.

Now that you know how quick and convenient it is to trade with MTF via Angel One, we hope you will enjoy the benefits of up to 4x Buying Power.



What is a Margin Trading Facility (MTF)?

MTF is a service offered by the broker where investors can buy stocks by paying only a fraction of the investable amount. The broker finances the rest. In MTF, you need to pledge the stocks purchased before 9 pm on the same day. Or, those get squared-off automatically on T+7 days.

Will I be charged for availing MTF?

Since MTF is a loan, there is an interest of 0.049% charged per day from the 2nd day onwards until you square off your position. Apart from interest payment, when you raise a request to Pledge or Unpledge your shares, a charge of Rs 20/- plus GST will apply per Scrip.

Will I be allowed to take fresh positions in Margin Trading if I have not pledged my previous positions?

You can take new positions in Margin Trading as long as you provide sufficient Margin.

When will I receive the Pledge Link For my Margin Trading positions taken today?

Once your request for MTF is approved, you will receive the link from CDSL on the same day. Please check your Email/SMS for the MTF Pledge Request Initiated notification.

Can Margin Trading Facility be used for trading in F&O, Currency, or Commodity segment?

No. MTF Facility is applicable ONLY for trading in equity shares.