Trading Mindset

How to develop a stock investor mindset

The art of trading is a complex one. But developing an investor mindset can go a long way in enabling you to invest and trade like an expert. Investors don’t become successful overnight. It takes time, patience, a bit of luck and a whole lot of knowledge about what the current market scenario is. If you want to start with stock trading, begin by developing a successful trader mindset, follow that up by educating yourself on the various aspects of the stock market and then go ahead and take that first step.

If you’re a beginner stuck on the very first step of ‘how to think like a trader’ or ‘how to develop a trading mindset’, we’re listing down some tips and tricks that will get you started!

1. Install Stock Market Apps on your phone

The first step to building an investor mindset is to familiarise yourself with the daily happenings of the stock market. Install apps that will enable to stay updated about the business world, watch the news during your breaks, read forums and expert opinions on what the stock market is looking like on that particular day

2. Join active forums

There’s a lot of information available on the internet that will help you create an investor mindset, but not all of it is accurate or completely reliable. One way to tackle this is to join active online forums or groups. Even then you might come across opinions and ideas that you shouldn’t take on face value. But amidst all the chatter there might be a few experts whose advice could go a long way in helping you think like an investor.

3. Create an action plan

Now that you’ve done your research and are somewhat on the way to owning that successful trader mindset, it’s time to create an action plan. Learn about the various investment options and decide with which ones you want to go ahead. Shortlist companies only after evaluating their performance. Read market reports and make an informed decision based on facts and research. You are responsible for your investments and having a game plan will enable you to start trading more efficiently.

4. Take action

Having an action plan is only the beginning of a successful trader mindset. The next and most crucial step is taking action. Procrastinating never works, especially in a fast-paced environment like the stock market. If every time you think of investing but end up with excuses like ‘I don’t know enough about the stock market to do this’, ‘What if lose everything’, ‘I’ll do it later. The cost is too high right now’; it is time to throw those excuses out of the window and start taking action. All the tips and tricks on creating an investor mindset will be of no use until you start investing yourself.

5. Accept losses

So you lost some money while trading. It happens. Accepting your losses and moving on is another part of having an investor mindset. Don’t let your losses hold you back from taking chances and reinvesting. Even the most successful investors experience setbacks. What distinguishes them apart is, they understand that losing is another side of the same coin and goes hand-in-hand with winning. So, the best course of action for an investor is to learn from his mistakes, understand why his investment didn’t yield the expected results and then go from there.

6. Find what works for you

As you invest and trade more and more, you will begin to understand the ways that work for you and give you the most comfort and peace of mind. The key to an investor mindset is not to do as others do, instead learn from your own mistakes and create strategies. There is no substitute for experience. Keep trying new techniques and get creative with your investments. If it doesn’t work for you, learn from it and move on.

7. Evaluate regularly

A successful trader will evaluate his or her investments continually. Check quarterly, monthly and half-yearly reports, get an understanding of why something worked or didn’t work. Having a successful trading mindset also involves constantly evaluating your choices and learning from mistakes. You can’t rectify if you don’t know what’s going wrong.


Cooking, driving or swimming might look easy but becoming an expert in that field comes with hard work and patience. Similarly, developing an excellent investor mindset too, takes time, effort and patience. Commit yourself, develop a routine and don’t hesitate to take action. Do this over and over as that’s the very key to developing a successful trading mindset.