Silver Micro Price


Silver is one of the precious metals that are used extensively in trade. The MCX, Multi Commodity Exchange, which is a commodity exchange that is based in India, offers the trade opportunity for various types of precious metals, with Silver Micro being a major one. The MCX website displays the Silver Micro rates, which are updated daily. You can also check the Silver Micro trend today, which is based on analysis of data over a span of days. It is prudent to check the Silver Micro price live frequently if you are planning to make an investment.

Types of Contracts

There are four types of silver contracts available for one to trade in MCX. They are Silver, Silver Mini, Silver Micro and Silver 1000, the main differences between which lie in contract value. The Silver Micro Commodity prices quoted are per 1 kilogram/ contract. Delivery is mandatory for the Silver contract but is optional for the Silver Mini and Silver Micro. What this means is that you can let the contract expire, and settle for delivery (opt for cash). The margin required for Silver Micro is quite less when compared to a Silver contract.

Why Silver Micro?

Silver stands out amongst all metals because of its dual role as both a precious metal as well as an industrial one. Today, silver is held in high demand as valuable industrial material, as well as a commodity for investment. Analysis of data shows that the demand for silver has grown roughly 2.5 % every year. Silver Micro is also an effective diversifier of a portfolio.

Silver Micro Trends

The trading unit for Silver Micro is 1 kg, and the trading period is Monday through to Friday. The levels of weekly and monthly support resistance are important factors to look out for if you are thinking of investing in Silver Micro. Following the Silver Micro trend today in MCX provides us with precise information required for planning an investment.


Silver has so many desirable features that it is an element that cannot be substituted by anything else, particularly in the manufacture of instruments that require a great deal of safety, reliability and precision. In fact, since the margin for Silver Micro Price is the lowest amongst the four types of contracts available on the MCX, Silver Micro is the ideal choice for investment.