Lead Mini Price

2 mins read
by Angel One

In this article, we will explore the uses of lead and take a close look at lead mini prices.

Before checking out lead mini rates, let’s take a look at its uses. Lead is a heavy metal and denser than most common materials; it is also soft and malleable. By its characteristics, it has a range of mechanical properties such as high density, relative inertness, low melting point, and ductility.

On account of its useful properties, lead mini finds extensive usage in a host of industrial activities. Lead is primarily used in the production of technical equipment and is the top choice in terms of the making of bullets. In the construction industry, lead mini has widespread use as roofing material. Another common but significant application for lead mini is in lead-acid batteries, in the form of lead sulphate and lead dioxide.

Now that we’ve considered the many uses of lead mini, let’s take a close look at lead mini prices. Lead futures witnessed a drop of 15 paise, reaching Rs.156 per kg due to a slump in the physical market demand. Similarly, the delivery price of lead contracts for November dropped by 5 paise, marking a 0.03 percent decline to reach Rs. 157 per kg.

As per analysts, a drop in the demand for lead from battery-makers in the spot market or cash market, in which financial commodities are traded for immediate delivery, will lead to a decline in lead mini rates in the futures trade market.