IPO Details

Bidding Dates

29 May '24 - 31 May '24

Minimum Investment

₹132,000/1 Lot ( 1,200 Shares )

Price Range

₹104 - ₹110

Maximum Investment

₹132,000/1 Lot ( 1,200 Shares )

Retail Discount

To be announced

Issue Size

₹37.30 Cr

Investor category and sub category

Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs)  |   Retail Individual Investors (RII)  |   Non-institutional Investor (NII)  |  

IPO Dates

Important dates with respect to IPO allotment and listing

IPO Opening Date

May 29, 2024

IPO Closing Date

May 31, 2024

Basis of Allotment

Jun 3, 2024

Initiation of Refunds

Jun 4, 2024

Credit of Shares to Demat

Jun 4, 2024

IPO Listing Date

Jun 4, 2024

Cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation

May 31, 2024

About Z-Tech (India) Limited

Z-Tech (India) Limited, originally incorporated as Z-Tech (India) Private Limited in 1994, transformed into a public company in 2023. Headquartered in Delhi, the company specialises in innovative, eco-friendly engineering solutions for civil construction and infrastructure projects, with a niche in Geo-Technical Specialised Solutions. Z-Tech excels in designing and implementing advanced methodologies and technologies that enhance the stability and performance of structures related to soil and earth.

The company is also a significant player in the waste management sector, particularly noted for its role in sustainable theme park development and industrial wastewater management. Employing state-of-the-art GEIST technology, Z-Tech focuses on transforming waste into wealth by recovering valuable resources from industrial wastewater and repurposing scrap materials for recreational and aesthetic use in theme parks.

Z-Tech’s business is divided into three main segments: sustainable theme park development, industrial wastewater management and geo technical specialised solutions.

Z-Tech operates under various business models, including Hybrid Annuity Model (HAM), EPC & ONM, and Public Private Partnership (PPP), to cater to different funding and operational needs. Their strategic approach allows them to work effectively with government and private partners, ensuring the sustainability and economic viability of their projects.

Industry Outlook:

  1. Sustainable Theme Park Development: With global growth forecasted to modestly rise to 3.2% by 2025, and with emerging markets experiencing stable growth, Z-Tech's theme park segment stands to benefit from increased consumer confidence and spending, particularly in developing regions where fiscal policies are becoming more supportive.
  2. Industrial Waste Water Management: The projected decline in global inflation to 4.4% by 2025 suggests a reduction in input costs, improving the economic viability of Z-Tech’s GEIST technology, and enabling more industries to invest in sustainable wastewater management solutions.
  3. Geo-Technical Specialised Solutions: With the global emphasis on sustainable development and infrastructure resilience, Z-Tech's expertise in geotechnical engineering is poised to capture opportunities from increased investments in infrastructure projects, especially in areas prone to environmental challenges and climate change impacts.

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO Details

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO Dates

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO is open from May 29, 2024, to May 31, 2024. The IPO will be listed on NSE Emerge.

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO Price Band

Z-Tech (India) Limited is a book-built issue IPO. The price band is set to ₹104 to ₹110 per share.

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO Lot Size

The lot size for Z-Tech (India) Limited’s IPO is 1 lot of 1,200 shares, with a minimum investment of ₹1,32,000.

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO Objectives

The company plans to utilise the funds which are being raised towards funding the following objectives:

  1. To meet the Working Capital requirements of the Company.
  2. To meet the General Corporate Purposes; and
  3. To meet the Issue Expenses

Peer Details

The listed companies considered by Z-Tech (India) Limited as its peers include:

  1. Ion Exchange (India) Limited
  2. Felix Industries Limited
  3. Wonderla Holidays Limited
  4. H.G. Infra Engineering Limited
  5. Nicco Parks & Resorts Limited
  6. NCC Limited

How to Check the Allotment Status of the Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO?

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  • Check the IPO allotment status. As such, Angel One will notify you of your IPO allotment status via push notification, email and SMS.
  • Contact Details of Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO

    • Registered office: Plot 140, Khasra No. 249, Mangla Puri, Gadaipur, South-West Delhi, New Delhi- 110030, India.
    • Phone: +011-35017243
    • E-mail:cs@ztech-india.com

IPO Financials

Particulars Year Ending on September 30, 2023 Year ending on March 31, 2023 Year ending on March 31, 2022 Year ending on March 31, 2021
Revenue from Operations (in ₹ lakh) 2,935.10 2,572.50 3,063.92 2,348.11
Profit After Tax (PAT) (in ₹ lakh) 406.37 195.50 7.42 69.54
Cash & Cash Equivalents (in ₹ lakh) 241.72 23.75 118.88 40.58
Net Worth (in ₹ lakh) 1,444.93 998.95 802.24 793.82
Debt to Equity Ratio (x) 0.06 0.07 0.09 0.12
Return on Equity Ratio 0.26 0.17 0.01 0.06
Return on Capital Employed (RoCE) (%) 33.76 22.76 2.32 8.81
Diluted Earning Per Share (EPS)-in absolute ₹ 36.94 18.00 0.86 5.41

Know before investing


  1. Z-Tech's management team, with over 13 years of collective experience in infrastructure development, has been pivotal in driving business growth and achieving high client satisfaction.

  2. The company's organised management structure supports the efficient handling of diverse business verticals like Marine Engineering and Civil Construction, enhancing operational efficiency and governance.

  3. Z-Tech's strategic business model, which emphasises careful project selection and cost optimisation, has consistently improved profit margins and operational effectiveness.

  4. With strong execution capabilities, Z-Tech has completed numerous projects, leveraging a modern construction fleet to maintain high standards in quality and timeliness.


  1. Z-Tech faces operational challenges in managing three distinct business segments—Sustainable Theme Park Development, Industrial Waste Water Management, and Geo-Technical Specialised Solutions—due to the lack of synergy, potentially diluting focus and resources.

  2. The company's heavy reliance on the Sustainable Theme Park sector, which contributes 58.31% to total revenues as of March 31, 2024, poses a financial risk if this newly established segment underperforms or faces market fluctuations.

  3. Seasonal fluctuations, particularly monsoons, could disrupt Z-Tech's operations in construction and water management, leading to project delays, damage to equipment, and potentially impacting revenue recognition and financial outcomes.

  4. Z-Tech's significant operational concentration in Delhi, where 57.66% of its revenue was generated as of March 31, 2024, exposes it to regional risks that could adversely affect overall business performance.

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Z-Tech India IPO FAQs

What is Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO?

Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO is a book-built IPO. The IPO will be open from May 29, 2024, to May 31, 2024.

When will Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO be allotted?

The Basis of Allotment will happen on Monday, June 3, 2024.

When will Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO open for subscription?

The IPO subscription window will open on May 29, 2024.

What minimum lot size can retail investors subscribe to?

The lot size for Z-Tech (India) Limited’s IPO is 1 lot of 1,200 shares, with a minimum investment of ₹1,32,000.

When will Z-Tech (India) Limited list on exchanges?

The listing date for Z-Tech (India) Limited is Tuesday, June 4, 2024.

What would be the listing gains on the Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO?

Listing gains cannot be ascertained before the listing of the IPO on the stock exchange.

I have finished the application process for the Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO, but the funds still need to be debited. What is the reason?

Initially, the bank will only block the amount in your account. The money will not be debited until the stocks are allotted to you.

How do I approve the UPI mandate request for Z-Tech (India) Limited IPO?

You must complete the payment process by logging in to your UPI handle and approve the payment mandate.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Z-Tech (India) Limited using one PAN?

You can submit only one application using your PAN card.