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About Unicommerce eSolutions Limited

Unicommerce eSolutions Limited is India's largest e-commerce enablement platform, providing software as a service (SaaS) in transaction processing. It was the top revenue generator in this sector for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, according to a Redseer Report. Unicommerce was also the only profitable company among India's top five industry players for Fiscal 2022. The company offers comprehensive services for managing e-commerce operations from start to finish for brands, sellers, and logistics providers.

Their suite of SaaS products includes systems for managing warehouses and inventory (WMS), handling orders from multiple channels (OMS), and managing retail across various channels (Omni-RMS). They also offer a seller management panel in their platform, Uniware, and recently added services for tracking logistics and allocating couriers (UniShip), as well as for payment reconciliation (UniReco). These products serve as the control centre for their clients' e-commerce fulfilment, ensuring that orders are processed accurately and promptly.

Unicommerce's technology allows for easy integration with other essential parts of a client’s supply chain, like their websites, marketplaces, logistics services, sales points, and financial systems. This integration facilitates automated data exchange and operational instructions, promoting end-to-end automation. As of September 30, 2023, the company has numerous integrations, including 124 marketplaces and web stores, 94 logistics partners, and 11 ERP, POS, and other systems. These integrations help streamline operations for their clients, making Unicommerce a vital element of their supply chain infrastructure.

Industry Outlook:

  1. India's eCommerce market is projected to grow from $55 billion in 2022 to $170 billion by 2027, fueled by an expanding internet user base and evolving consumer habits.
  2. The Indian SaaS industry, valued at $9 billion in FY2022, is expected to reach $38 billion by FY2027, with an annual growth rate of over 33%.

Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO Details

Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO Dates

The exact dates are yet to be announced.

Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO Price Band

The exact price range is yet to be announced.

Unicommerce eSolutions IPO Lot Size

The exact lot size is not announced yet.

Unicommerce eSolutions IPO Objectives

The company will not receive any proceeds from the IPO and all the IPO proceeds will be received by the selling shareholders. The company plans to allocate a part of the net proceeds from the issuance to cover offer expenses.

Peer Details

Unicommerce eSolutions does not have any listed peers which are directly comparable.

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Contact Details of Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO

  • Registered office: Mezzanine Floor, A-83, Okhla Industrial Area, Ph-II, New Delhi 110 020, India
  • Phone: +91 9311749240
  • E-mail:complianceofficer@unicommerce.com

IPO Financials

Particulars For the period Ended on September 30, 2023 Year ending on March 31, 2023 Year ending on March 31, 2022 Year ending on March 31, 2021
Total Revenue (in ₹ lakh) 5,405.14 9,296.93 6,136.29 4,217.56
Profit After Tax (PAT) (in ₹ lakh) 633.23 647.64 601.03 447.85
Cash & Cash Equivalents (in ₹ lakh) 152.36 2,675.47 183.63 779.71
Net Worth (in ₹ lakh) 6,015.81 5,189.15 4,136.94 3,326.26
Debt to Equity Ratio(x) 0 0 0 0
Return on Equity (%) 22.61% 13.89% 16.11% 14.93%
Return on Capital Employed (RoCE) (%) 18.34% 11.46% 11.09% 9.71%
Earning Per Share (EPS)-in absolute ₹ 0.56 0.58 0.55 0.41

Know before investing


  1. Unicommerce eSolutions is India's largest e-commerce SaaS platform in the transaction processing sector as of FY 2022, processing 763.82 million order items annually for 743 enterprises and 2,830 SMB clients, indicating robust scalability and market dominance.

  2. It is the only profitable entity among the top five industry players in India for Fiscal 2022, demonstrating strong financial management and a sustainable business model in a competitive sector.

  3. The company targets a rapidly expanding Total Addressable Market (TAM), projected to grow from $220 million in 2022 to $880 million by 2027 in India alone, with additional significant potential in international markets like SEA and the Middle East.


  1. Unicommerce risks losing market share if it cannot innovate rapidly. Currently investing heavily in R&D, failure to evolve could make its comprehensive product suite—like UniShip and UniReco—obsolete against emerging technologies.

  2. Growth hinges on maintaining and expanding its client base, which has varied over time, from 2,830 SMB clients in Q3 2023 down from 3,101 in Q3 2022. The inability to attract new clients could stagnate or reduce revenues.

  3. Tied closely to the fluctuating e-commerce sector, where Unicommerce processes approximately 25% of India's dropship volume. Any downturn or disruption in the e-commerce industry could significantly impact their business operations and profitability.

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Unicommerce eSolutions IPO FAQs

What is Unicommerce eSolutions Limited's IPO?

Unicommerce eSolutions IPO is a book-built IPO. The exact dates and price range are yet to be announced. 

When will Unicommerce eSolutions Limited's IPO be allotted?

The exact dates and price range are yet to be announced. 

When will Unicommerce eSolutions Limited's IPO open for subscription?

The IPO subscription window is not announced yet.

What minimum lot size can retail investors subscribe to?

Retail investors can apply for a minimum of one lot. However, the lot size has not been announced yet.

When will Unicommerce eSolutions Limited list on exchanges?

The exact date is not announced yet.

How do I check the allotment status of the Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO?

Steps to check IPO allotment status on Angel One’s app:

  • Log in to the Angel One app
  • Go to the individual order details page of the IPO that you had applied for. 
  • Check the IPO allotment status as such, Angel One will notify you of your IPO allotment status via push notification, email and SMS.

What would be the listing gains on the Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO?

Listing gains cannot be ascertained before the listing of the IPO on the stock exchange. The exact date is not announced yet.

I have finished the application process for the Unicommerce eSolutions Limited IPO, but the funds still need to be debited. What is the reason?

Initially, the bank will only block the amount in your account. The money will not be debited until the stocks are allotted to you.

How do I approve the UPI mandate request for Unicommerce eSolutions Limited's IPO?

You must complete the payment process by logging in to your UPI handle and approving the payment mandate.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Unicommerce eSolutions Limited using one PAN?

You can submit only one application using your PAN card.