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About Company

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO has been filed with the capital market regulator SEBI for Rs.5,000 crore. This is going to be the second most IPO that has been raised by a Pharma after Gland’s Pharma Rs.6,480 Cr issue. Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the seventh-largest drug pharma companies in the Indian Pharmaceutical Market.

Established in 1989, Macleods Pharmaceuticals are into developing, manufacturing and marketing an extensive range of pharmaceutical products. Their product portfolio includes the major therapeutic areas like anti-infectives, cardiovascular, dermatology, hormone treatment, etc. The brand has the highest number of WHO prequalified products globally with 65 registrations.

The brand has an extensive presence across the globe. Macleods Pharmaceuticals is present in more than 170 countries such as Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, etc. In India, the operations are supported by eight manufacturing units. The 8 manufacturing units have a vast range of oral dosage forms and complex formulations, such as topicals, injectables and inhalers.

Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO Objectives:

Here are a few quick reasons why Macleods Pharmaceuticals going public: 

  • The fund will be used to increase the brand visibility and image of the company
  • The IPO will provide a public market for the equity shares in India 

Why should you invest in the Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO?

  • From FY2011 to FY 2021, the company has outperformed The IPM with the domestic Sales growth at a CAGR of 15.3% 
  • In Fiscal 2021, 14 brands out of 595 brands earned more than ₹ 500 million in Domestic Sales
  • The brand has a diversified portfolio in terms of geography, product portfolio and business model

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Noteworthy Highlights:

  • The brand has maintained its position for five consecutive year as 2nd largest company in the Cover Market in the IPM 
  • Their one of the top brands Panderm++, dermatology formulation, has crossed ₹ 1 billion in Domestic Sales in FY21

IPO Financials

Metrics 2019 2020 2021
Revenue from operations 58,704.35 69,028.16 71,994.16
India 35,168.28 39,281.75 37,245.16
Outside India 23,536.07 29,746.41 34,749.00
EBITDA 13,408.93 17,243.18 20,966.60
EBITDA Margin 22.84% 24.98% 29.12%
PAT 11,921.30 14,611.95 16,307.18
PAT Margin 20.31% 21.17% 22.65%
ROCE 58.68% 65.49% 66.05%
Fixed Asset Turnover 6.10 6.68 5.69

Know before investing


  1. The brand has a strong R&D resulting in an amazing track record of product innovation and product launches

  2. Their in-house packaging material unit helps the company in quality checks and quality control across the various stages of operations.

  3. The company has an experienced and professional management team that helps in building brands

  4. The company is one of the leading and fastest-growing companies, being among the top 10 Indian pharmaceutical companies

  5. The company has a diversified presence across the global market existing in 170 countries


  1. Any shortfall of raw materials or an increase of price, may affect the business

  2. Any pharma manufacturers are subject to significant regulatory scrutiny. The introduction of any law from the regulatory bodies can impact the business adversely.

  3. Changes in government regulation can affect the business

  4. As the brand is dependent on third-party manufacturers, any delays or disruptions in the manufacturing facilities will affect the business

  5. As the brand is heavily dependent on R&D, any setback in the department can affect the company

  • How to Apply in IPO
  • How to Check IPO Allotment Status

Login to Angel One App / Website & click on IPO

Select desired IPO & tap on "Apply"

Enter UPI ID, set quantity/price & submit

Accept mandate on the UPI app to complete the process

Login to Angel One App / Website

Choose IPO section on Home Page

Click IPO Orders

Chose the IPO application you want to view the status for

Peer Comparison - % Contribution to Total Domestic Sales (Fiscal 2021)

Company Metro Non-Metro
Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries LTD 29.9% 70.1%
Cipla LTD 35.2% 64.8%
Alkem Laboratories LTD 22.0% 78.0%
Lupin Limited 37.0% 63.0%
Torrent Pharma 31.0% 69.0%
Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited 20.0% 80.0%

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO FAQs

What is Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO?

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited IPO has been filed with the capital market regulator SEBI for Rs.5,000 crore.

When will Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO allotment be available?

Details not available.

What will be the Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO lot size?

Details not available.

When will Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO open for subscription?

Details not available.

What minimum lot size can retail investors subscribe to?

Details not available.

When will Macleods Pharmaceuticals list on exchanges?

It usually takes ten working days from the last day of subscription to list the stocks on the exchange.

How to check the allotment status of Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO?

Investors can visit the IPO register’s website or BSE/NSE website to check the IPO allotment status. Keep your application number, DP id, and PAN number available when checking the allotment status.
If you are an existing Angel One client, you can check the IPO allotment status by logging in to the customer account.

What would be the listing gains on Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO?

There is no guarantee that the share will list with gain. It depends on the demand for the IPO, global factors, and the short-term outlook, among other factors.

I have finished the application process for Macleods Pharmaceuticals IPO, but the funds are not yet debited. What is the reason?

Your account isn’t debited because the bank only blocks the fund when you apply. The amount will be debited if IPO shares are allotted to you, or they will unblock it on the UPI mandate expiration date.

Can I alter my bid for Macleods Pharmaceuticals’ IPO after confirming its final application?

Yes, it is possible to alter the price and lot size. Use the changing/revising the application form that comes with the application kit.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Macleods Pharmaceuticals using one PAN?

No. investors can submit only one application against one PAN card.

Who is the owner of Macleods Pharmaceuticals?

The directors of Macleods Pharmaceuticals are Girdhari Lal Bawri, Rajendra Agarwal and Banwari Lal Bawri.