IPO Details

Bidding Dates

15 Feb '24 - 20 Feb '24

Minimum Investment

₹ 135,000 / 1 Lot ( 3000 Shares )

Price Range

₹45 per share

Maximum Investment

₹ 135,000 / 1 Lot ( 3000 Shares )

Retail Discount

Not Applicable

Issue Size

₹22.49 crore

Investor category and sub category

Qualified Institutional Buyers  |   Retail Individual Investors  |   Non-institutional Investor  |  

IPO Dates

Important dates with respect to IPO allotment and listing

Opening Date

Feb 15, 2024

Closing Date

Feb 20, 2024

Basis of Allotment

Feb 21, 2024

Initiation of Refunds

Feb 22, 2024

Credit of Shares to Demat

Feb 22, 2024

Listing Date

Feb 23, 2024

Cut-off time for UPI mandate confirmation

Feb 20, 2024

About Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd

The company is engaged mainly in the business of manufacturing and trading fabric with embroidery works, trading grey cloths, purchasing grey cloth, and printing and dyeing for preparing suiting and dress materials for sale in the B2B market. They prepare suiting, shirting and dress material products focusing on the wholesale market. They are the first-stage wholesalers who directly supply the material to other wholesalers. In the case of the embroidery segment, the company produces for itself and on behalf of the other clients.

They have two embroidery knitting machines with a capacity of 15,000 meters per day. As a part of an expansion of business activities via forward integration, they have also taken over the textile dying and printing business unit on a rent basis since February 2018, whereby they are carrying out the dying and printing of suiting, shirting and dress materials for our own use as well as on job work too.

The Indian textile and apparel industry is expected to grow at a 10% CAGR from FY 2019-20 to reach $190 billion by FY 2025-26. Therefore, consider investing in an organised company in such a growing industry.

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO Details

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO Dates

The dates for bidding for the Kalahridhaan Trendz IPO are February 15, 2024, to February 20, 2024.

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO Price Band

Kalahridhaan Trendz is a fixed price IPO. The exact price range is ₹45 per share.

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO Lot Size

The Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO lot size is 3,000 shares per lot.

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO Objectives

The net proceeds from the issue are proposed to be utilised towards the following objectives:

  1. Working capital requirement
  2. General corporate purpose
  3. Meeting public issue expenses

Peer Details

The following are the listed peer companies of Kalahridhaan Trendz in India:

  1. SPL Industries Limited
  2. Kitex Garments Limited
  3. Monte Carlo Fashion Limited

How To Check the Allotment Status of the Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO?

Steps to check IPO allotment status on Angel One’s app:

  1. Log in to the Angel One app.
  2. Go to the IPO Section and then to IPO Orders.
  3. Select the individual IPO that you had applied for and check the allotment status.
  4. Angel One will notify you of your IPO allotment status via push notification and email.

Contact Details of Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd

Registered office: 57 Ashra Industrial Estate, B/H Mahalaxmi Fabrics, Nr. Narol Cross Road, Ahmedabad 382405, Gujarat, India

Phone: +91 6353302166

E-mail: cs@kalahridhaan.com

IPO Financials

Particulars Year Ending on March 31, 2023 Year Ending on March 31, 2022 Year ending on March 31, 2021
Total Revenue 18,417.01 18,390.46 13,235.91
Net Profit 666.01 246.20 110.54
Return on Capital Employed 17.39 10.35 10.16
Debt-Equity Ratio 3.19 2.60 1.32

Know before investing


  1. Kalahridhaan Trendz has started processing house operations, wherein they are carrying out the dying and printing of suiting, shirting, and dress materials. Thus, they are expanding the business and customers also.

  2. The company’s promoter has a vast experience of over 35 years of sound market knowledge, having been involved in the trading and embroidery of clothing.

  3. The manufacturing units are located on the outskirts of Ahmedabad City and thus enjoy good connectivity, making the movements of the raw material and finished products very easy and comfortable.


  1. Their revenue from the top ten customers in the FY 2022-23, FY 2021-22 and FY 2020-21 was 66.28%, 60.68% and 45.07% of the total turnover. The loss of any customer or a decrease in the volume of orders may severely affect their revenues and profitability.

  2. The input purchases from the top ten suppliers in the FY 2022-23, FY 2021-2022 and FY 2020-21 were 64.44%, 66.17% and 75.17% of the total material purchase. The loss of any supplier due to any reason can result in the disruption of the supply chain.

  3. Their business depends on their ability to manage their manufacturing facility at Narol, Ahmedabad. Any disruption in the operations of that unit may severely disrupt their overall operations.

  • How to Apply in IPO
  • How to Check IPO Allotment Status

Login to Angel One App / Website & click on IPO

Select desired IPO & tap on "Apply"

Enter UPI ID, set quantity/price & submit

Accept mandate on the UPI app to complete the process

Login to Angel One App / Website

Choose IPO section on Home Page

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Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO FAQs

What is Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd's IPO?

Kalahridhaan Trendz IPO is a fixed price IPO. The dates for the IPO are February 15, 2024, to February 20, 2024.

When will Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd's IPO be allotted?

The basis of allotment will be finalised on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. The credit of shares to the demat accounts will take place on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

When will Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd's IPO open for subscription?

The IPO subscription window is from February 15, 2024, to February 20, 2024.

What minimum lot size can retail investors subscribe to?

The lot size for the IPO will be 3,000 shares per lot.

When will Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd list on exchanges?

Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd will be listed on the NSE Emerge on Friday, February 23, 2024.

What would be the listing gains on the Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO?

Listing gains cannot be ascertained before the listing of the IPO on the stock exchange. The date of listing is Friday, February 23, 2024.

I have finished the application process for the Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd IPO, but the funds still need to be debited. What is the reason?

Initially, the bank will only block the amount in your account. The money will not be debited until the stocks are allotted to you.

How do I approve the UPI mandate request for Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd's IPO?

You must complete the payment process by logging in to your UPI handle and approving the payment mandate.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Kalahridhaan Trendz Ltd using one PAN?

You can submit only one application using your PAN card.