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Important dates with respect to IPO allotment and listing

IPO Open Date

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About Company

Infinion Biopharma engages in the business of pharmaceutical licensing and commercialisation of high-value, innovative products in various therapeutic areas. The company has filed an IPO prospectus to sell 45 lakh equity shares to raise an undisclosed amount.

Infinion Biopharma is a research-driven life science company involved in licensing and commercialisation of a wide variety of therapeutic drugs. They are involved in developing technology combining biophysics and engineering with traditional pharmacology and biochemistry to produce high-value, innovative products. 

They are engaged with several companies in the USA and UK for developing innovative healthcare products. 

Infinion Biopharma Ltd. Objective 

  • Infinion intends to use the net proceeds from the IPO to invest in Mobius Biomedical Inc. and acquire licences for product development in skin care and women’s health products.
  • A portion will be utilised to meet working capital requirements and to expand their geographical reach.

Why should you invest in Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

Here are our top reasons.

  • They have developed significant business relationships with several USA and UK pharmaceutical companies for research, design, and development of a vast range of therapeutic products.
  • The company developed a robust country-wide network to distribute its products to the Indian markets.
  • Infinion strongly invests in research and development that helps it to receive first mover advantage in creating new drugs. 
  • They are expanding and in 2020, they obtained a 10.43 percent stake in UK-based research oriented company, Aurum Bioscience Ltd. (ABL).

Competitive Peers

There is no similar company in India that engages in a business similar to that of Infinion Biopharma. Hence, a strict comparison is not possible.

IPO Financials

Particulars FY21 FY20 FY19
Total Income 68,987.06 NA NA
EBITDA Margin (%) NA NA NA
Profit After Tax 64,240.27 13,697.46 3,635.15
EPS 6.24 1.71 0.66

Know before investing


  1. The company has a successful track record in patenting new innovations.

  2. The company has obtained a licence for developing and marketing pharmaceutical products using Patent technology.

  3. The company greatly benefits from experienced management and strong leadership of its promoters. The promoter’s relationship


  1. The company’s income depends on the performance of the products they develop and bring them to the market earlier than its competitors.

  2. The company has made a net loss in the previous financials and might not be able to earn profit in the future also.

  3. The industry is highly capital intensive.

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  • How to Check IPO Allotment Status

Login to Angel One App / Website & click on IPO

Select desired IPO & tap on "Apply"

Enter UPI ID, set quantity/price & submit

Accept mandate on the UPI app to complete the process

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Infinion Biopharma Ltd IPO FAQs

What is Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

Infinion Biopharma will sell around 45 lakh equity shares of face value of Rs 10 per share through a public route for an undisclosed amount.

When will Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO allotment be available?

Details not available.

What will be Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO lot size?

Details not available.

When will Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO open for subscription?

Details not available.

What minimum lot size can retail investors subscribe to?

Retail investors can apply for a minimum of one lot.

When will Infinion Biopharma Ltd. list on exchanges?

It usually takes ten working days from the last day of subscription to list the IPO on the bourses.

How to check the allotment status of Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

Angel One customers can log in to their accounts to check Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO allotment status.

When checking the allotment status, keep your application, DP ID, and PAN number ready.

What would be the listing gains on Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

Listing gain is the difference between the IPO’s opening and offer prices.

The listing gain results from changing investors’ interests, global parameters, and short vs long-term outlooks.

I have finished the application process for Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO, but the funds are not yet debited. What is the reason?

The bank initially blocks the amount you bid for an IPO. It will debit the amount when the shares get allotted or unblock it after the UPI mandate expiry date.

How to approve the UPI mandate request for Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

Login to your UPI handle and approve the payment mandate to complete the IPO application process.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Infinion Biopharma Ltd. using one PAN?

You can submit only one application using one PAN card.

What is the minimum order quantity for Infinion Biopharma Ltd. IPO?

The minimum size of the application will be one lot.