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About Emcure Pharma IPO

Emcure Pharmaceuticals was incorporated in 1981. Ever since it was recognised as one of the leading pharma companies in the country, this company has earned accolades for providing quality healthcare solutions and leveraging advanced technology. It is involved in major therapeutic areas and proactively develops, manufactures and distributes pharma products. Over the years, Emcure Pharma has implanted its business globally.

Emcure Pharma IPO Objectives :

Emcure Pharma plans to use its net proceeds from its public issue in these ways:

- Repay partially or in full the company’s existing debt

- Addressing working capital requirement.

- Meeting general corporate expenses.

Emcure Pharma IPO - Details

The issue size of Emcure Pharma IPO is estimated to be around Rs. 4,500 – Rs. 5,000 crores. It will comprise a fresh issue of equity shares worth Rs. 1,100 crores alongside an offer for sale of 18,168,356 shares.

Opening Date


Closing Date


Price Band

₹ -

per equity share

Issue Size

₹ - Cr

Face Value

₹ -

per equity share

Market Lot

- Shares

Opening Date


Closing Date


Price Band

₹ -

per equity share

Issue Size

₹ - Cr

Face Value

₹ -

per equity share

Market Lot

- Shares

Listing at NSE, BSE

Emcure Pharma IPO Important Dates

IPO Open Date -
IPO Close Date -
Basis Of Allotment Date -
Initiation Of Refunds -
Credit Of Shares To
Demat ACcount
IPO Listing Date -

Why Should You Invest in Emcure Pharma IPO?

Multiple factors work in favour of Emcure Pharma’s business and growth prospects. Collectively, they could prompt investors to park their money into the upcoming IPO. For instance, this pharmaceutical company enjoys a robust market position across major therapeutic areas and boasts of a diversified product portfolio. Also, its extensive global presence adds to its moat significantly.

Financial Highlights

In the past three financial years, CMS Info Systems have delivered a profit in successive years. Here is an overview of this company’s financial highlights during this period –

Financial Year Total Revenue in Million Total Assets in Million Profit After Tax in Million
March 2021 Rs. 60,918.06 Rs. 68,073.98 Rs. 4,185.94
March 2020 Rs. 51,308.60 Rs. 60,040.55 Rs. 1,006.10
March 2019 Rs. 48,155.90 Rs. 58,104.39 Rs. 2,029.68

How to apply for Emcure Pharma IPO?

You can apply for the Emcure Pharma IPO in these ways:

Link your bank account to a reliable UPI ID and register it with your Angel One account. Proceed to book Emcure Pharma IPO shares using the ID, confirm the payment on the UPI app, and block the amount for allotment.

Demat Account

1. If you are already a client of Angel One, apply directly for Emcure Pharma IPO, click here.
2. If you’re a new investor Open DEMAT Account for free with Angel One to begin your investment journey.

Emcure Pharma IPO – Noteworthy Highlights

Emcure Pharma boasts of producing India’s first mRNA vaccine. It is also recognised as a trusted brand in the pharma sector and a market leader in areas such as HIV, oncology, and blood-related disorders.

1. As per AIOCD, 7 of its brands have made it to the top 300.

2. Emcure Pharma is the 12th largest Indian pharma company.

3. As per a report shared by CRISIL, this company leads in sales in three areas: blood-related antiviral, gynaecology antivirals and HIV antivirals.

4. Emcure Pharma has a robust international presence. It has 19 subsidiaries, 11,000 employees and nearly 500 scientists.

5. The company has a strong global presence and operates actively in more than 70 countries. It has special brand visibility in Canada and Europe.

Emcure Pharma IPO - SWOT Analysis



  • Diverse product portfolio: Emcure Pharma boasts of a diverse, globally-sold product portfolio. It has also managed to garner attention and appraise Covid care products. This helps generate a steady flow of revenue.
  • International presence: The strong global presence works in favour of the company’s moat and business model.
  • Advanced R&D: Its core research and development team is highly skilled and has years of experience. The company's R&D team has a strong backing of over 500 qualified scientists and the latest technology.
  • Financial standing: Emcure Pharma enjoys a strong financial standing. This company has managed to achieve profitable growth in the last 3 years.


  • Not a differentiated portfolio: The lack of uniqueness in Emcure Pharma products limits its prospects in the market to some extent.
  • Geographical operation: With a presence in more than 70 countries, the company’s footing is geographically diverse. However, it also indicates that the company does not necessarily focus on one market and thus, could have untapped prospects of growth and visibility.


  • Sector growth: The pharmaceutical sector is growing at an exceptional rate. This offers a push to build a differentiated product base in the coming years.
  • Advancement in technology: Investing in tech-based projects and newer innovations could help the company reach its peak and improve the quality of products even further.
  • API market push: Currently, the API market enjoys ample tailwinds. Coupled with that, the China+1 strategy also seems to benefit Indian pharmaceuticals, especially market leaders like Emcure.


  • Competition: Both global and domestic pharmaceutical space entails cut-throat competition. This limits the growth prospect for Emcure and other market leaders.
  • Change in pharmaceutical regulations: Changing norms and regulations pertaining to the international pharmaceutical company tend to impact sales. While pro-pharma regulation could boost sales, anti-pharma norms tend to deter companies from reaching their targeted sales.
  • An unsuccessful attempt at achieving innovation-driven goal: If this company fails to adhere to innovation-driven growth, it will not be able to reach its full potential.
Strenghts Strengths
Weaknesses Weaknesses
Opportunities Opportunities
Threats Threats


  • Reputation: One of the major strengths of Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC is its market reputation. Being in this business for more than 20 years, the company has delivered consistent returns. This brand image creates a base for the company to scale further.
  • Strong distribution channel: The company has a vast distribution channel that helps it to cater to a larger demographic.
  • Strong investment team: The investment team behind the scene led by experienced fund managers rely on research and analysis to ensure expected returns.


  • Inconsistent growth in revenue: The revenue growth for ABSL AMC has been inconsistent at times, which can be a concern.
  • Heavy reliance on distributors: The operation relies heavily on distributors, which can sometimes be an issue.


  • Low industry penetration: Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC operates in an underpenetrated business segment with considerable potential.


  • Tough competition: Aditya Birla Sun Life is working in a segment where its rivals are already listed and hold a significant market share.

Competitive Analysis: Market Peers

These are among the top market peers of Emcure Pharma who are listed on the stock exchanges:

Market Peets Returns on Net Worth (%)  Total Income in Millions
Abbott India 26.54% Rs. 43,909.20
Biocon Limited 9.71% Rs. 73,603
Alkem Laboratories Limited 21.49% Rs. 90,982.20
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Limited 11.06% Rs. 1,93,389
Cipla Limited 13.12% Rs. 1,94,255.80
Biocon Limited 9.71% Rs. 73,603
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited 21.45% Rs. 80,614.80

Emcure Pharma IPO FAQs

How to apply for Emcure Pharma IPO via Angel One App?

Apply for Emcure Pharma IPO in these steps:
Step 1: Open the Angel One app and go to 'Investment Opportunities'.
Step 2: Select ‘IPOs and FPOs’ and then enter necessary details.
Step 3: Enter NPCI approved valid UPI ID.
Step 4: Place your order by clicking on the 'Invest' option.

Can I apply for Emcure Pharma IPO if I don’t have a UPI ID?

If investors do not have a UPI ID, they can create it with any of the UPI Handles included in the NPCI list. Other than that, they can apply through ASBA with bank or in physical form.

What are the steps to create a UPI ID?

Create a UPI ID with BHIM in these steps:
Step 1: Download BHIM app.
Step 2: Complete your mobile number verification.
Step 3: Register your passcode to open the app.
Step 4: Check and select your bank from the available options.
Step 5: Let the app fetch your bank details.
Step 6: If you have multiple accounts, then select one that you wish to register with the BHIM app.
Step 7: Set a UPI PIN.
Once these are covered, you can check your UPI ID by navigating to the profile section.

Where can I find my UPI ID?

One can easily find their UPI ID in their UPI app’s profile section. Click here to understand the steps with more clarity and to locate your UPI IDs in popular apps in no time.

What shall I do if I am unable to apply for IPO through my UPI handle?

You can use only NPCI approved UPI handles to apply for Emcure Pharma IPO.

Why can’t I pay for Emcure Pharma IPOs through my UPI ID?

Investors can apply for an IPO through their IPO ID only if the Handle is NPCI approved. So, if you are unable to apply for Emcure Pharma IPO using your UPI ID, you should check if the app you are using is approved by the NPCI for providing UPI service.

I want to apply for IPO, but I can't see my UPI Handle on the Angel One app. What shall I do?

If one cannot find their UPI handle on the Angel One portal when applying for Emcure Pharma, it could mean the handle is not approved by NPCI. As an alternative, investors can use any of the UPI Handles mentioned in NPCI list.

How long does it take to receive the UPI mandate request?

Usually, investors can expect to receive a UPI mandate request on their app 15 to 20 minutes after bidding for Emcure Pharma IPO. Then again, investors can face some delay in receiving the request from their designated bank.

How to approve Emcure Pharma IPO mandate request?

Investors can approve Emcure Pharma IPO mandate request in their UPI app. Click here to understand how to approve UPI mandate requests in popular UPI apps.

Even after approving the mandate request, the status Angel One app shows as 'pending'. What should I do?

Investors must note that their UPI mandate request status does not get updated in real-time. This means the change in the same will reflect in their IPO order book subsequently.

By when should I approve UPI mandate request?

Typically, investors can approve UPI mandate requests before 12 pm on the following working day, given the IPO is closed. It is recommended to approve the IPO mandate request at the earliest.

Can an investor submit more than one application for Emcure Pharma IPO?

Note that only 1 application per PAN is recommended. If investors apply for Emcure Pharma through multiple platforms using the same PAN, it does not increase their chance of securing an allotment.

What charges do I have to pay for applying for Emcure Pharma IPO?

When you apply for Emcure Pharma IPO via Angel One, you do not need to pay any charges.

How can an NRI apply for Emcure Pharma IPO through Angel One app?

NRIs cannot apply for Emcure Pharma IPO through Angel One app. As an alternative, they can apply via physical Application Supported By Blocked Amount ASBA process with their bank.

What is the cut off price?

It is the price at which equity shares get issued during an IPO. Typically, the cut-off price is fixed during the allotment stage. Usually, retail investors bid for IPO shares at the cut-off price to boost their chance of receiving an allotment.

My bank account is not linked with Angel One. Can I apply for Emcure Pharma IPO?

Investors can apply for Emcure Pharma IPO via Angel One using any bank account that is in their name.

Can an investor apply for Emcure Pharma IPO using a current account?

Most financial institutions do not process initial public applications made through current accounts. They are more likely to process applications processed through a savings account. Regardless, it is advised to check with one's bank for more details.

Can I apply for Emcure Pharma IPO through a HUF account?

You can apply for Emcure Pharma IPO through your HUF account via the physical ASBA process with bank. However, note that one cannot apply for an IPO using a HUF account via Angel One.

Can I apply for Emcure Pharma IPO using my daughter’s (a minor) account?

Angel One does not allow minors to apply for an IPO. Then again, you can apply for this IPO through the physical ASBA process with your bank.

I applied for Emcure Pharma IPO, but my account was not debited. What should I do?

Per the ASBA process, banking institutions will block your money when you apply for an IPO. Allotment amount is debited from the bank account post share allotment. If shares are not allotted, the amount is unblocked and credited to the bank account either on or before the expiry of UPI mandate date.

Can an investor modify the bid in Emcure Pharma IPO?

Investors can modify IPO lot size and UPI ID of their bid after they have placed an order for the same. Note that after approving UPI mandate request for Emcure Pharma IPO order and then decide to modify the order later, the entire bid amount will be blocked. Additionally, the amount for the original bid will be blocked. Subsequently, an investor will receive UPI mandate request for their modified bid. That said, if the investor does not approve the original UPI mandate request, zero amount will be blocked.

Can one cancel/delete/withdraw a bid in Emcure Pharma IPO?

Note that withdrawing, cancelling, and deleting application mean the same thing here. Now to cancel a bid in Emcure Pharma, one has to follow these steps:
Step 1: Open Angel One app.
Step 2: Move to ‘Investment Opportunities.
Step 3: Navigate to the ‘IPOs and FPOs’ section.
Step 4: Click on ‘Order Book’.
Step 5: Select IPO order.
Step 6: Click on ‘Details’ button.
Step 7: Click on the ‘Cancel’ option.

How to check Emcure Pharma IPO application status?

Check Emcure Pharma IPO application status in these steps:
Step 1: Navigate to ‘Investment Opportunities’.
Step 2: Choose ‘IPOs & FPOs’.
Step 3: Click on the ‘Order Book’ option.
The application status will be displayed on screen.

Why was my Emcure Pharma IPO rejected?

Typically, an IPO application can get rejected because of any of these reasons:
- For entering the wrong UPI PIN or ID when approving mandate request.
- Using a Bank A/c, UPI ID or Demat A/c that are not mapped to one PAN.

Suppose Pooja is using Karan’s UPI ID to apply for Emcure Pharma IPO with her Demat A/c. In such a scenario, Pooja’s application is likely to get rejected because:
- Karan’s bank A/C is not linked to her Demat A/c
- Pooja’s PAN is not linked to Karan’s UPI ID.

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