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About Company

Asianet Satellite Communications is an internet service provider that offers internet service and multi system operator offering digital cable television services. This Kerala based company is one of the key ISPs in Kerala. Being among the top three fixed broadband providers in Kerala, they have a market share of approx 19%in FY21.

Started in 1992, they started their business as a MSO offering cable television services. The company started the broadband services in 2000.

Asianet Satellite Communications IPO Objectives

• A part of the fund will be used for development of network infrastructure.
• The fund will be utilised for long-term and short-term capital.

Why should you invest in the Asianet Satellite Communications IPO?

  • The pandemic accelerated the broadband business. With the increase of work from home, learning from home, entertainment (such as online gaming, video streaming and social media) and e-commerce, this industry is blooming right now. The brand had a market share of 3% - 15% between fiscal 2015 and 2020 in the fixed broadband market in Kerala.
  • The company grew at 19.3% CAGR between fiscal 2019 and 2021 in terms of numbers of subscribers

IPO Financials

(₹ in millions, except for percentages) 2021 2020 2019
Add: Profit before tax 420.63 115.94 128.02
Add: Depreciation and amortization expense 810.53 788.37 812.62
Finance costs 202.90 261.83 227.93
EBITDA 1,434.06 1,166.14 1,168.57
Less: Other income 53.88 56.09 143.29
Adjusted EBITDA (A) 1,380.18 1,110.05 1,025.28
Revenue from operations (B) 5,100.68 4,509.05 4,139.86
Adjusted EBITDA Margin (A/B) 27.06% 24.62% 24.77%

Know before investing


  1. Asianet Satellite Communications is one the key players of ISP and MSO with significant market share in the fixed line broadband and digital cable television market in Kerala.

  2. The company has made significant investment in network structure.

  3. Due to high demand for broadband and higher speed, this is a flourishing industry.

  4. They have strong brand recognition in the South Indian market.


  1. The company is dependent on Kerala State Electricity Board Limited and the Thrissur Corporation Electricity Department for cables drawn on electric poles. Any failure in renew agreements to draw cable line will affect the business directly.

  2. Any pricing change in the market or other market pressure can affect the business.

  3. Inability to renew the subscription of the existing customer can seriously affect the finance of the company and hence affecting the business.

  4. As the subscribers is mainly based in Kerala, their inability to grow and retain the subscribers can affect the business directly.

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Asianet Satellite Communications ltd IPO FAQs

What is Asianet Satellite Communications IPO?

Asian Satellite has drafted DRHP to raise Rs.765 crore via Initial Public Offering (IPO). The offers consist of a fresh issue worth Rs.300 crore and equity shares worth Rs.465.

When will the Asianet Satellite Communications IPO allotment be available?

Details are not available.

What will be the Asianet Satellite Communications IPO lot size?

Details are not available.

When will Asianet Satellite Communications IPO open for subscription?

Details are not available.