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Aether Industries IPO

Aether IPO will open on May 24,2022. The company has filed with SEBI to raise Rs.1000 crore through IPO. Aether IPO constitutes fresh issue of equity shares amounting to Rs.627 Crores and about an offer for sale of 2,820,0000 shares.
Aether industries limited manufactures speciality chemicals. Their products have applications in pharma, agrochemicals, material science, coatings, additives and oil & gas. Click here to Apply for Aether Industries IPO.

Opening Date

May 24, 2022

Closing Date

May 26, 2022

Price Band

₹610 - ₹642

per equity share

Issue Size

₹808.04 Cr

Face Value


per equity share

Market Lot


Opening Date

May 24, 2022

Closing Date

May 26, 2022

Price Band

₹610 - ₹642

per equity share

Issue Size

₹808.04 Cr

Face Value


per equity share

Market Lot


Listing at NSE, BSE

Aether Industries IPO Important Dates

IPO Open Date May 24, 2022
IPO Close Date May 26, 2022
Allotment Date May 31, 2022
Initiation Of Refunds Jun 1, 2022
Credit Of Shares To
Demat Account
Jun 2, 2022
IPO Listing Date Jun 3, 2022
UPI Mandate Expiry Date May 27, 2022

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Aether Industries IPO Latest News and Subscription Status Today [Live]

At 05:10:00 PM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 6.26x by 05:10 PM. on Day 3
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 17.54x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 2.52x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 1.14x
  • Employees: 1.06x
At 11:10:00 AM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 0.55x by 11:10 AM. on Day 3
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 0.52x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 0.18x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 0.73x
  • Employees: 0.94x
At 05:20:00 PM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 0.49x by 05:20 PM. on Day 2
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 0.39x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 0.16x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 0.67x
  • Employees: 0.93x
At 11:25:00 AM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 0.38x by 11:25 AM. on Day 2
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 0.36x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 0.06x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 0.53x
  • Employees: 0.55x
At 05:10:00 PM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 0.33x by 05:10 PM. on Day 1
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 0.36x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 0.05x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 0.42x
  • Employees: 0.54x
At 11:30:00 AM.
  • This IPO has been subscribed 0.10x by 11:30 AM. on Day 1
  • It is a public issue of 93,56,193 equity shares.
Status of Subscription
  • (QIB) Qualified institutional buyers: 0.00x
  • (NII) Non-institutional buyers: 0.01x
  • (RII) Retail Individual buyers: 0.19x
  • Employees: 0.00x

About Aether Industries

Aether Industries was incorporated in 2013 out of Surat. It has two manufacturing facilities in Surat: the first one has 3,500 sq. meters including R&D, Pilot Plant and Hydrogen Facilities and the second one is 10,500 sq. meters with an installed capacity of 6,096 MT per year. They are the sole producer of 4-(2-Methoxyethyl) Phenol (4MEP), 3-Methoxy-2-Methylbenzoyl Chloride (MMBC), Thiophene-2-Ethanol (T2E), etc. At present, there are over 25 products added to Aether Industries' product portfolio. The products are sold to over 34 global companies in 18 countries and also to over 154 domestic companies. It has become the largest manufacturer of 4MEP, T2E, NODG and HEEP products in the world by volume.

Aether Industries IPO Objectives

- The fund from Aether IPO will be used for the working capital expenditure of the company.
- The fund will be invested in R & D.
- The funding will be used in clearing the debts and arriving at a better cost of capital

Why should you invest in Aether Industries IPO?

Below are your top 2 reasons:

• Aether has generated 454 crores of sales revenue which is more than double compared to the last 2 years.

• The firm saw a 3X jump in net profit (Rs. 72 Cr) in a span of 3 years from FY19 to FY21.

Financial Highlights

Particulars For The Year/Period Ended (₹ In Cr)
  FY 21 FY 20 FY 19
Revenue From Operation 4,498.16 3,018.06 2,011.80
EBITDA 1,161.32 737.31 496.04
EBITDA Margin (%) 25.59% 24.27% 24.40%
Profit After Tax 711.19 399.56 233.35
EPS 7.36 4.24 2.48
ROE 40.79% 51.04% 60.54%

How to apply for Aether Industries IPO?

There are two ways by which investors can choose to start trading. One is through UPI, and the other is with the help of a Demat account. The processes are discussed below:


  • Link your bank account to a UPI ID.
  • Register your UPI id with your Demat account.
  • Subscribe for Aether IPO and approve the payment on your UPI ID.

Demat Account

Aether Industries IPO - Noteworthy Highlights

• Aether is the world's largest manufacturer for 5 speciality chemicals as per frost and sullivan

• Aether Industries is on the way to investing approximately ₹125 million towards R&D with an increase of 30% to 35% in the next two years.

Aether Industries IPO - SWOT Analysis


  • Diverse Portfolio of 17 products making them market leaders.
  • Aether Industries embodied the core tenets of “Green” Chemistry or sustainable Chemistry. 4R i.e. reduce, recover, recycle & reuse, are the principal fundamentals of its manufacturing designs engineering.
  • They export to 18 different countries.


  • For future success, the company is dependent on R&D activities.
  • Any exchange rate fluctuations may affect the company’s operation.


  • The CAGR of the global chemical markets is expected to grow at 6.2 % & the Indian Speciality Chemical Market at 11.2%.
  • Due to different geo-political scenarios, China has seen a downfall in the current chemical market. This enabled India to have a significant position in the global supply chain.


  • As the company has no long-term contact with any of the customers, any kind of termination or dis-attachment from the company will affect it adversely.
  • The dependency to earn revenue is limited to certain products.
  • Any changes in safety, health, environment and labour law may affect the business of the company.

Competitive Analysis: Market Peers

Aether Industries is ready to rule over the global market.

However, these entities are among Aether’s most noteworthy competitors. The table below offers an insight into its competitors and their market capitalisation as of 19 May 2022.

Name of the company Total Revenue (in ₹ Cr)
Clean Science and Technology Limited 5,380.50
Navin Fluorine International Limited 12,584.37
Vinati Organics Limited 9,801.02
PI Industries Limited 47,019.00
Fine Organic Industries Limited 11,503.16

Aether Industries IPO FAQs

When will Aether IPO allotment be available?

According to RHP, the Aether IPO allotment will take place on 31st May.

What will be Aether IPO lot size?

Aether Industries IPO lot size consists of 23 Shares.

When will Aether IPO open for subscription?

The IPO of Aether will be open for subscription from May 24 to May 26.

What is the minimum lot size that retail investors can subscribe?

The minimum market lot size for the Aether IPO is 13 Lots.

When is the Aether IPO listing date?

The Aether IPO is scheduled to go public on Friday, 3rd June, 2022.

What is the minimum order quantity for Aether IPO?

The Aether IPO has a minimum order size of 23 shares.

Who is the owner of Aether Industries?

Ashwin Desai is the current owner of Aether Industries.

Who are the merchant bankers for Aether IPO?

For this upcoming IPO, the Central Government has recruited two merchant bankers. Aether Industries merchant bankers include HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra Capital.

What is the investors’ reservation quota for the Aether IPO?

50% of the company's stock will be allocated for qualified institutional investors. Non-institutional investors will receive another 15%. Furthermore, retail bidders will have access to 35% of the total.

Does Aether IPO have a reservation for company employees?

Yes, there will be a reservation for Aether employees at the IPO.

What would be the listing gains on Aether IPO?

It's not easy to predict the listing gains of any IPO, However few things impact it majorly:
1. The day of the listing, market movement.
2. Market supply of Aether shares and demand from investors and traders.
3. Grey market performance
However investors should also evaluate IPOs based on their long term value and not just for their listing gains.

How will I receive shares?

The Aether shares will be credited to the Demat account post allotment.

Is it necessary to approve a UPI mandate request immediately?

Yes, immediately approving a UPI mandate request is preferable. Accepting it as soon as you receive it is much better.

How to approve the UPI mandate request for the Aether IPO?

To approve a UPI mandate request for this Aether IPO or any other public offering is via UPI, Click here to know more about the mechanisms of this procedure, or to access a guide.

How to apply for this Aether IPO via the Angel One App?

Follow the steps given below to apply for Aether IPO using Angel One's platforms -
Step 1: Open the Angel One mobile app and go to the 'investment opportunities' area.
Step 2: Go to the IPOs and FPOs section and fill out all of the needed information.
Step 3: Enter your NPCI-approved UPI account details.
Step 4: Select 'invest' and place your bid for this Aether public offering.

Is it possible for NRIs to use Angel One App to apply for Aether IPO?

No, NRIs will not be able to apply for Aether public offer through the Angel One App.

Can I submit more than one application for the public issue of Aether using one PAN?

No, you cannot use the same PAN to make multiple applications for this Aether IPO or any other public offering.

Can I alter my bid for Aether’s IPO after confirming its final application?

Yes, after approving Aether's final application, you can revise your bid for the IPO.

I have finished the application process for Aether IPO, but the funds are not yet debited. What is the reason?

The reason your funds for this Aether IPO have not been charged is that banks initially block this cash after you submit your bid and do not release it. They will hold this money until you receive an allocation or your UPI mandate expires. Regardless, banks will deduct this amount if you receive your XYZ IPO allotment or any other.

What can be the reason for the rejection of my application for Aether IPO?

Here are some possible reasons for your Aether IPO application being denied:
1) When approving your UPI mandate, provide an inaccurate UPI PIN.
2) failing to ensure that your UPI ID, Demat account, and bank account are all linked to the same PAN

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