When’s the Right Time to Invest in stocks?

Meet Manish.

He is interested in the stock market but like a lot of us, worries about the right time to invest.

So, his friend Ashish – an active trader with Angel One explained:

Timing the market is every investor’s dream but in reality, its just not possible to predict the market’s rise and fall.

But the good news is, over time, the compounding returns of a well-chosen investment adds up, irrespective of the market’s rise & fall.

So, in effect, anytime is the right time to invest in stocks. All Manish needs to do is make sure to choose a stock after carefully analyzing its strengths and weaknesses & monitor the performance of the stock regularly.

Now, with better insight, Manish is ready to start his stock investment journey by opening Demat account online with Angel One as his trusted partner.