Vinod & Venkat are best friends but their habits are different.
Vinod is tech-savvy & does everything online, Venkat on the other hand, prefers traditional methods over online transactions.

Online Trading Account

Likewise, their stock trading methods are also different.
An avid trader, Vinod prefers trading online. Through his online trading account he can track the market & buy or sell stocks himself at anytime from anywhere. He also receives expert advice, research reports & live market updates through multiple trading platforms accessible via his desktop, tablet & mobile phone.

Venkat, however, prefers offline trading since it gives him the opportunity to garner first-hand advice. So, when Venkat decides to buy or sell a stock, he calls his broker, who guides Venkat on the trade with professional expertise & then places the trade on Venkat’s behalf.

Offline Trading

Online or offline – Choose your trading preference – at Angel One. You now understand the the comparison of Online Vs Offline Trading Account