5 Reasons: Why you should choose Equity over FD, Gold & Real-estate?

Mohan has investments in real estate, gold & fixed deposits. However, experts often advise him to invest in equity. Let’s see why:

Equity requires low investment:

Unlike Fixed Deposit, Gold & Real estate, you can enter the equity market with a much smaller capital.

Equity offers higher returns:

It is historically proven that Equity offers better returns in comparison to FD, Gold & Real-estate.

Returns on Equity beat inflation & are completely tax-free.

Equity offers high liquidity

Equity can be bought & sold very easily & converted to cash pretty fast.

Equity is the best performing asset class

Equity increases your wealth faster over a long time due to compounding effect, capital appreciation & dividend income.
For example if in 1993, Mohan would have invested Rs.10,000/- in FD & Infosys Shares, today, they would be worth Rs.66,500/- & Rs.1.25Cr respectively.
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