Exploring World Tourism Day: Industries that get a boost when you plan a trip

27 September 2023
3 mins read
by Angel One
When someone purchases products from these companies, they generate revenue and, over time, accumulate profits, while the stock generates returns based on their performance.
Exploring World Tourism Day: Industries that get a boost when you plan a trip

Every year on September 27, World Tourism Day is celebrated to promote global tourism. This occasion was established by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to celebrate the tourism sector’s ability to foster cultural connections.

On this day, countries and organizations encourage people to travel and explore different places, cultures, history, and exciting adventures. It’s a day to rediscover and enjoy the richness of our world.

Well, let’s talk about the significance of the stock market which sectors or industries it impacts, and ultimately, which companies benefit when people travel around the world.

To understand how this chain starts, consider planning a trip with your family. First, you need to book transportation tickets, which could be for a flight, bus, or train depending on the distance. Next, you’ll focus on arranging accommodation, so you book hotels.

Once your bookings are confirmed, you’ll start packing your luggage. To do this, you might need to buy suitable luggage. Additionally, when travelling somewhere, you’ll likely want to refresh your wardrobe with new clothes for yourself and your family.

These are the essential steps you’ll take when planning a trip, without which you can’t have a proper travel experience. Furthermore, when you reach your destination, you’ll likely dine out, shop for local goods, visit iconic places, and more.

Let’s explore the sectors one by one and the listed companies inside it:


Company Name CMP Rs Market Cap Rs in Cr 1-Yr Return %
Interglobe Aviation 2400.4 92544.8 30.31
IRCTC 677 54160 1%
Spice Jet 36.79 2214.22 -3.23

Some other unlisted players like Akasa Airlines (backed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala), Vistara, and Air India will also benefit if you choose to book with these companies.

Hotel and Restaurant Companies:

Company Name CMP Rs Market Cap Rs in Cr 1-Yr Return %
Kamat Hotels 202.8 499.95 126.72
Benares Hotels 5726 744.38 108.76
Chalet Hotels 558.15 11464.09 65.69
Mahindra Holiday 391.3 7887.47 47.79
Lemon Tree Hotel 116.95 9265.31 38.21
Indian Hotels Co 413.3 58705.12 25.34
TajGVK Hotels 229.45 1438.7 22.97
EIH 223.9 14001.9 20.44
Oriental Hotels 84.9 1516.31 16.74
I T D C 372.75 3197.04 5.31
Royal Orchid Hotel 291.95 800.66 4.72
Speciality Restaurant 198.7 944.97 -3.08
EIH Associated Hotels 472.05 1438.33 -3.97


Luggage Companies:

Company Name CMP Rs Market Cap Rs in Cr 1-Yr Return %
Safari Industries 3872.9 9209.47 143.82
V I P Industries 658.8 9346.05 -2.3


Textile Companies:

Company Name CMP Rs Market Cap Rs in Cr 1-Yr Return %
Raymond 1809 12043.17 74.15
Arvind Ltd 168.55 4409.34 73.86
Trent 2107 74901.19 54.07
Bombay Dyeing 145.45 3004.04 50.05
Siyaram Silk 576 2699.73 31.33
Vardhman Textile 388.1 11221.15 13.51
Trident 37.56 19140.4 2.87
Go Fashion (I) 1278.2 6903.43 -1.83
TCNS Clothing Company 366.15 2314.46 -36.29


Footwear Companies:

Company Name CMP Rs Market Cap Rs in Cr 1-Yr Return %
Metro Brands 1095.35 29764.52 25.85
Sree leathers 231.95 537.09 11.7
Mirza International 43.35 599.13 -0.64
Khadim India 265.7 477.45 -6.42
Bata India 1606.8 20651.81 -10.07
Relaxo Footwear 903.75 22497.83 -11.26
Campus Activewear 292.1 8915.42 -48.65

 On a final note, apart from the companies mentioned in this article, there are other listed and unlisted players that benefit when someone travels and purchases their products. When you make a purchase, these companies earn revenue and, over time, generate profits. Furthermore, the performance of their stocks is influenced by their earnings performance in the long term.

So, the next time you plan a trip, consider looking into the shares of these companies and their products. You may want to allocate some of your savings to buying these company’s shares. However, please note that this is not financial advice. It’s important to conduct your own analysis of the company’s business and financial performance before making any investment decisions.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.