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Pushing the Boundaries of Investment Tech: Angel One and Beyond

13 October 20236 mins read by Angel One
This World Investor Week 2023, we bring you the latest innovations being made in the world of investment technology. Read on to learn more about how this innovation helps you.
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What is Investment Technology?

Investment technology refers to a wide variety of digital tools created to help you efficiently navigate your investment journey. This includes enabling you to search for potential investments, investing, and monitoring them.

Such technology has been available, especially in the US, since the 1990s. However, in recent years, with the advent of big data and AI, the game has changed completely. AI or artificial intelligence can, on its own, go through an enormous amount of data in a matter of seconds. It can make a decision and then act upon it by itself. It can then monitor the investment and also exit it when the time is appropriate.

Of course, this does not mean that human intuition is now redundant. There is always a lot of qualitative information that human beings can process that an AI model cannot. This includes understanding the quality of management, the vision related to a product, the long-term outcome of a competition, etc. 

As a result, AI is often used as a tool for crunching historical and real-time data. It can assist humans in making more accurate decisions efficiently rather than replacing humans completely. AI helps in understanding hidden correlations, identifying nascent market trends and assessing risk with accuracy. It is capable of offering a range of investment options to humans based on a much higher quantum of data and analysis than ever before.

Major banking and investing corporations are, therefore, investing heavily in investment technology. They want to provide their workforce with the most cutting-edge investment technology available. 

While the world is advancing in investment technology, Angel One is making strides in this field, too. Let us check out some factors that make Angel One special for investors!

Latest Features for Investors on Angel One

At Angel One, we have been making major strides in improving multiple sections of the investment journey of the user. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Angel One regularly offers suggestions regarding which stocks to invest in based on our automated software ARQ Prime. You can now also receive suggestions on how to rebalance your portfolio based on ARQ Prime.
  2. Finding the right stocks based on an investment strategy is easier now with the help of the enhanced stock discovery feature on Angel One. For example, you can narrow down to a list of IT stocks that are a part of the Nifty 100 within seconds by applying the right filters.
  3. You can also search for stocks more effectively using the enhanced search option. For example, you can search the product, and the search bar will return the name of the company that you are looking for. 
  4. The range of data that you can look at before investing in our app is also expanding rapidly. For example, you can check the list of top mutual funds that have invested in a stock. You can also check the changing shareholding patterns of the company.
  5. You can now track both your stock and mutual fund investments on a single page in the Portfolio section of the app. This allows you to look at your portfolio in a comprehensive manner and adjust it accordingly. 
  6. Within the mutual funds portfolio, you can check out those investments made by you via platforms other than the Angel One app. For example, you may have made an investment via a bank’s investment platform. You can still track its performance on Angel One as a part of your overall investment portfolio.
  7. You can also access Trade Buddy, Angel One’s own portal for finance-related video content made by independent creators. This, in combination with the content available on the Angel One website, will help you keep track of the latest news in the economy. We will also soon be providing you with a portal for aggregated news that will help you keep track of news that is relevant to your portfolio.
  8. Angel One users can now file tax returns efficiently with the help of ClearTax and Quicko. Using these platforms, the tax related to your investments can be calculated and paid quickly, along with your other taxes.
  9. You can also set up automatic bank mandates for Stock SIPs. This means your SIP payments can now be made automatically at the required date.

Impact of New Investment Technology on Retail Investors

There are many new players, including in India, that are opening up the world of investing and trading to the common public. They are coming up with technology that can help the average person make informed investment decisions and then execute them.

Innovations in the FinTech arena, especially in relation to investments, are having the following positive impact:

  • Increased Accessibility 

Investing in high-return assets such as equity and mutual funds is no longer the work of a select few people. More and more user-friendly investment platforms that can be used from both laptops and mobile apps have come up in the past few years. This coincides with the rapidly increasing sales of smartphones and internet connectivity. As a result, these events have engineered a drastic increase in the total number of investors, especially in India.

RBI data has shown that Indian families have experienced a 2.5x jump in mutual fund investments in FY 2022 vs FY 2021. More than 10 million new investors started an SIP and have invested a total of ₹1.2 trillion in FY 2022. The number of Demat accounts reached 11 crore in January 2023, increasing from only 8.4 crore in 2022. Even then, there is still a massive room for growth in the investor base as only around 3% of Indian households invest in the stock market.

A part of this expansion is also because of the rise in both EdTech services in the finance domain and the expanding finance-related content available on the internet. Together, these have allowed investors to become more informed. New investors are now more confident about beginning their investment journey without support from any professional.

  • Personalised Investment Advice at Scale

New innovations in AI have allowed firms to build robo-advisors who give personalised portfolio management and advisory services to retail investors. Therefore, personalised broker services are now a scalable product that can reach and satisfy millions of users in both urban and rural India. 

This does not necessarily harm the operations of existing authorised persons. They can also utilise these services and provide a more informed and efficient service to their customers.

  • Efficient Customer Service

AI technology has helped thousands of companies build efficient chatbots that can efficiently cater to millions of customers at the same time. This AI can respond to customer queries, pinpoint the problem and then provide a set of preliminary solutions.

They can even sense patterns of an individual customer and suggest solutions even before the customer places a request. For example, think of a customer who has made multiple payments via an inefficient route. The chatbot or the app’s notification can send him a message suggesting a better payment solution. 

Final Words

India is entering into a new world of investing. It is a matter of celebration as all Indians, no matter where they come from or what educational background they have, can learn to invest and use modern platforms to invest their savings into a wide variety of assets. 

If you are new to the stock market, open a Demat account with Angel One to experience investing at a whole new level!

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