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Navigate Stocks Quickly and Efficiently With Enhanced Stock Discovery

09 October 20235 mins read by Angel One
You can now easily discover stocks that align with your trading and investing strategies based on popular parameters. Read on to know how!
Navigate Stocks Quickly and Efficiently With Enhanced Stock Discovery
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Finding stocks to invest in or trade is best done in a structured and efficient manner, based on clear strategies. Yet, many traders and investors have no set process to do so and they have to manually visit multiple external resources and in-app pages to prepare a list of relevant stocks. For example, if they hear that the auto sector is picking up in price and volumes, it would still take them a while to find out which stocks are driving that movement within that sector the most.

To meet this challenge, Angel One brings to you an enhanced method for Stock Discovery. We provide you with a single portal where you can screen stocks based on a wide variety of parameters. Finding stocks to trade is now easier than ever before! 

What’s New?

  • Angel One makes multiple lists of stocks based on various parameters and you can access these lists with a single click. 
  • You can further filter these lists based on more parameters and then choose the stock that you want to buy, sell or simply track by adding it to your Watchlist.

How Does This Help?

  1. These lists and filters of the enhanced stock discovery process act as intuitive screeners that you can use to quickly narrow down to stocks based on a clear strategy that you prefer
  2. Categories such as trending stocks or top gainers will help you easily check the movements in the stock market. Other categories like the ‘Coffee Can Portfolio’ will show you stocks meeting the criteria for popular investment strategies. Moreover, you can also play with the different combinations of stock features by applying different filters in quick succession.

How to Discover Stocks?

The process of discovering stocks is now a simple one, comprising the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Home page of the Angel One app, scroll down and come to ‘Discover Stocks’. Click on ‘VIEW ALL’ to view the entire set of lists.

home page access

Step 2: Check out the list that you find relevant out of all the lists given. You can filter that list as per multiple parameters such as market capitalisation, sector, tags, etc.

discover page

Note: You may notice certain lists such as ‘Coffee Can Portfolio’. These refer to stocks chosen as per specific principles based on popular investing and trading strategies.

Step 3: Once you have found a stock via this page, you can: 

  • Add the stock to your Watchlist. 
  • Buy/sell the stock directly from the list. 

bluest of blue list

Final Words

Try out the new stock discovery tool and tell us about your experience on the Angel One Community Page! If you do not have a demat account yet, open your account with Angel One today!


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