Unveiling the Super Portfolio on the Angel One Android App

23 June 2023
6 mins read
by Angel One
This June, the latest Android app release holds many surprises, including the Super Portfolio! It is your one-stop tracker for all your Angel One investments and it is here to make investing easier.
Unveiling the Super Portfolio on the Angel One Android App

Any tech product, however successful, cannot survive without constant improvement in keeping with the changing times.  We sensed that Angel One users are increasingly looking towards diversifying their investments via stocks, F&O, Mutual Funds and sovereign gold bonds. To help them manage their diverse investments better, we came up with the Super Portfolio, along with an assortment of other key features!

What is New?

  1. Super Portfolio to track all your equity, mutual fund and SGB (i.e. Sovereign Gold Bond) investments in one place.
  2. Hiding key information in your Portfolio now allowed for security and privacy purposes.
  3. Enhanced Portfolio Analyser equipped with a better set of metrics to help you assess and understand your portfolio.

Introducing the Super Portfolio

The principle here was that investors should be able to track all of their investments on a single section, instead of having to open a separate window to track their investments in each asset class, such as stocks or mutual funds. However, the navigability of all this information had to be perfect as well to prevent you from drowning in a sea of information.

With this in mind, we came up with the Super Portfolio, designed to bring together the real-time performance data of all your investments on a single page.

Earlier, clicking the ‘Portfolio’ tab at the bottom of the Android app would show you only the equity assets in your portfolio. However, after the introduction of the Super Portfolio, this page will be divided into the following tabs – 

  1. All
  2. Equity
  3. Mutual Fund
  4. SGB

You can start exploring your Super Portfolio from the section titled ‘All’ under your ‘Portfolio’. Here you can find the performance of your overall portfolio via the following information –

  1. The invested value and gains/losses of your overall portfolio.
  2. The invested value and current value of your equity, mutual funds, and SGBs each.
  3. An advisory on places in your portfolio that need your attention so that you can better adjust your portfolio.
  4. Direct links to Trades and Charges, Profit and Loss, Mutual Fund and SIP Order Book and Active Stocks.

In case you do not have investments in a particular asset class, you will be given a direct link to start investing in it.

Entry Points to Various Tools 1Equity, SGB and Mutual Fund Portfolio View 1

Fig.1: Initial Portfolio screen under the ‘All’ tab along with quick links under ‘Tools’ (left) and equity holdings page (right).

From ‘All’, if you scroll right, you will be able to view all of your equity holdings specifically. Similarly, scrolling further right will take you to pages exclusively for your Mutual Funds and SGBs

In both the sections on Mutual Funds and SGBs, you can see, on the top card, a summary of the performance of the asset classes. This includes the invested value and the overall gains/losses in that particular asset class (including both primary and secondary investments for SGBs).

Note: We will soon be adding other sections such as bonds and advisory portfolios to this list in the coming weeks. However, Super Portfolio is currently available for the Android version only. The iOS and web apps will have this feature soon.

With a wider range of your investments now easily accessible, next to each other on the same platform, your overall portfolio will always be at your fingertips henceforth

You will no longer have to navigate the disparate sections of the app via the Home page (e.g. for Mutual Funds and SGB) to track the performance of your investments in those asset classes.

You will also be able to access the following sections directly from the main page of Portfolio – 

  • Order book of Mutual fund under Orders
  • Order book of Stock SIPs under Orders
  • Dash under Account

But hey, we are not done with new features in the Portfolio yet! Here are some more ways in which your Portfolio has become a better tool in your investment process.

Hiding Your Portfolio Information

Sometimes you may wish to use offline reports and screenshots of your portfolio for sharing with others or for your own use. However, while doing so, you may still want to hide some key data points for purposes of privacy. The Angel One app now offers the facility where you can choose to hide key numbers of your portfolio on the app as well as downloadable reports on the same.

Under the new app version, you will now get an option on your ‘Portfolio’ page to hide and then unhide all the critical information via a single click. This option will be available on the summary card on your Homepage as well.

When a user clicks to hide the information, the following information will be represented with ******:

On the Summary card,

  1. Invested Value
  2. Market Value
  3. Absolute value of unrealised gains/losses (though the percentage change will be visible)
  4. Absolute value of daily gains/losses (though the percentage change will be visible)

On the Scrip level, all the above data will be hidden, as well as the quantity of assets held (quantity hidden by 3 asterisks *** instead of 5). Also, the asset’s LTP (i.e. Last Traded Price) and percentage changes in both LTP and Unrealised Gain/Loss will be visible.

On Holding details, all the aforementioned data will be hidden, as well as the absolute values of realised gains/losses. However, the percentage value of the realised gains/losses will still be visible.

Hidden information on the Portfolio 

Fig. 2: Hidden information on the Portfolio 

Of course, you can easily click on the unhide button to open up the hidden information. Hiding your details from the home page will also hide those details in the Portfolio page as well and vice versa.

Even while downloading the portfolio, you will be given the choice to download a masked portfolio, whereby the above information will be masked.

Next, we will look at some of the changes made on your standard Portfolio Analyser.

Portfolio Analyser Enhancements

The following improvements have been introduced to your Portfolio Analyser – 

  1. Your portfolio, such as sector holdings or market cap-based divisions will be assessed as per market value only and not invested value or quantity of assets. Hence only market value will be shown in those places.
  2. You can now also view the unrealised gains/losses in percentage terms for each category of assets based on market cap, sector or holding distribution on the Portfolio Analyser.

Finally, beyond the Portfolio, we have some additional feature improvements across the app, waiting for you!

Other features

Some of the other exciting features also getting released this week include the following –

  1. You can now directly start a buy or sell order while using the TradingView Chart.
  2. OTP is no longer required when getting to the page for stock pledging, to reduce the user journey.
  3. Margin product type option will no longer be shown on the sell orderpad if the user does not have the necessary margin positions.
  4. The list of recently viewed stocks is now accessible from the section directly below ‘Similar Stocks’ in the ‘Stock Details’ page of a stock.
  5. If you have a pre-existing stop-loss or exit order for a stock, then you will be notified of that if you are about to place another stop-loss or exit order respectively for that stock.

Final Words

Update your Android app to the latest version today and start experiencing the benefits of an investing platform that supports the expansion and diversification of your portfolio like no other! You can also join the Angel One Community and follow our blog for further updates.