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Track All Your Mutual Fund Investments from the Angel One App

05 December 20236 mins read by Angel One
Stressed over tracking multiple mutual fund investments with different brokers/ sub-brokers on different platforms? Here’s a solution. Learn how to track all your mutual fund investments in one place
Track All Your Mutual Fund Investments from the Angel One App
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If you are reading this, chances are you are a mutual fund investor already, or you may want to start investing soon. In either case, you will probably want to own a diversified portfolio spread across different types of funds and fund houses.

However, managing your widespread portfolio on different fund house and online broker platforms may become too cumbersome!

To solve this problem, Angel One has come up with a simple yet innovative solution. Simply bring together all the different funds you have invested in one place based on your PAN! Let’s learn how to do it.

How to Add External Mutual Fund Details on Angel One?

To consolidate all your mutual fund investments in one place, you only need to do an OTP verification by following these steps:

  1. Open your Angel One app and go to the Mutual Funds section from the Home page.
  2. Reach the ‘Investment Dashboard’ from –
    1. The Investment page by clicking ‘All’.
    2. The Dashboard page by clicking ‘External Funds’, which will land you on the same page as above (i.e. in 2.a.).
  3. Click on ‘Track External Investments’.

fig 1 left (2)fig 1 right (1)

Fig. 1: Click ‘External Funds’ on the ‘Discover’ page (left) and then click on ‘Track External Investments’ (right).

  1. Click on ‘Generate OTP’ from the sleeve below.
  2. Click on ‘Verify’ to confirm the OTP.

fig 2 leftfig 2 middlefig 2 right


Fig.2: Generating OTP (left), Verifying OTP (middle), and final page (right).

And you are done! After OTP is confirmed, it takes around 30 seconds to 5 mins depending on your investment history to get the consolidated data on your app. Once the data is fetched (based on your registered PAN number with Angel One) and processed, you will receive a notification on your app and email that your portfolio has been updated.

Benefits of Tracking Your Mutual Funds from the Angel One App

  1. You no longer have a scattered portfolio. In other words, you can track of your holdings in mutual funds, their performance and overall asset allocation from a single page.
  2. You now have a holistic view of your overall mutual fund portfolio performance. Also, given that the Angel One app allows you to track your stock and derivatives portfolios as well, keeping track of all your investments across asset classes and the associated transaction charges is now much easier.
  3. The process of gathering all the data also happens instantly. You do not have to jot down all your fund names and details painstakingly. Just enter the OTP and our app will do the rest!
  4. Your investment data is now real-time and synchronised. There are no lags and gaps in the data.
  5. No multiple logins are required. Nor do you need to navigate multiple platforms with varied UI/UX repeatedly.
  6. You do not have to self-censor and choose to invest via only one or two platforms or fund houses just because tracking would be cumbersome. Instead, you can invest in schemes of as many fund houses as you wish.
  7. You can therefore enjoy the fruits of diversification to the fullest extent. In other words, you do not have to refrain from investing in a new fund just because it belongs to another fund house.

Final Words

The one-stop platform to track all of your mutual funds will make monitoring your investments convenient. So wait no longer; add your mutual fund investments from multiple platforms to your Angel One app today! Join the Angel One Community page for more updates on the latest features.

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