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Now Reach Any Screen, FAQ or Stock on the Angel One App with a Single Click

05 September 20236 mins read by Angel One
Navigating your Angel One app just got a whole lot easier! Introducing the enhanced search option, your all-in-one solution for all your in-app search needs.
Now Reach Any Screen, FAQ or Stock on the Angel One App with a Single Click
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What is New?

Trading stocks and derivatives is stressful work. The last thing any trader needs during trading hours is confusion or delays in reaching a particular section of our app.

To solve this in-app navigation problem once and for all, we bring to you the new enhanced search option on the Angel One app! It is a single search bar, accessible via the search icon, that can help you reach any scrip or app section by entering keywords. It can also direct you to any blog or FAQ on the Angel One website with a single click.

Benefits of Enhanced Search?

  1. Now you do not have to remember how to reach a page – just swiftly type in the name of the page and choose it from the dropdown menu. This helps you reach crucial pages without having to click through multiple screens.
  2. You do not even have to know what exactly you are searching for – just enter the keywords and you will find the related pages.
  3. Now you do not have to leave the app in order to search for Angel One’s FAQs and articles on Google. You can directly search for them from inside the app. All your knowledge needs and queries are now served inside the app itself.

What Can You Search?

You can now search the following by simply putting the relevant keyword in the search bar: 

  1. Recent scrips searched, as well as trending stocks.
  2. Any section of the app e.g. Portfolio, Profit & Loss.

fig 1 leftfig 1 right

Fig.1: Search ‘Recent Searches’ and ‘TRENDING STOCKS’ (left) and move to the ‘Jump To’ section for important sections of the app (right).

  1. Any FAQs/blogs available on the Angel One website. (e.g. what is GTT order, RBI Monetary Policy Update – August 2023, how do I add funds to my demat account, etc.) 
  2. Names of companies or their stocks by entering the name of its product (e.g. searching Maggi will show Nestle).
  3. Scrips based on their sector e.g. typing in the name of a sector will show the list of stocks in the same. 

Fig. 2: Use keywords such as company name (left) or product name (right) to search for a stock.

You can easily filter the list of suggestions based on the asset class e.g. cash, F&O, etc.

Note: When it comes to searching scrips, this feature is currently limited to searching stocks/F&O/ commodities only.

Final Words

The enhanced search option may soon be your preferred method for navigating the various pages on your app. Join the Angel One community for updates on more exciting features!

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