S&P BSE Realty Index Live Chart

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S&P BSE Realty Index Performance

Days Range

Low: 8,004.54
High: 8,086.17
Previous Close8,078.32
52W Range3,670.70 - 8,092.94
P/E Ratio64.52

S&P BSE Realty Index Companies

Day Range

Brigade Enterpr.


0.00 (0.00%)

₹1,190.00 - ₹1,283.90




0.00 (0.00%)

₹834.50 - ₹853.45


Godrej Propert.


0.00 (0.00%)

₹2,729.15 - ₹2,857.75


Macrotech Devel.


0.00 (0.00%)

₹1,318.85 - ₹1,380.00


Mahindra Life.


0.00 (0.00%)

₹587.00 - ₹604.75


Oberoi Realty


0.00 (0.00%)

₹1,729.05 - ₹1,810.00


Phoenix Mills


0.00 (0.00%)

₹3,164.05 - ₹3,243.70


Prestige Estates


0.00 (0.00%)

₹1,599.25 - ₹1,675.00




0.00 (0.00%)

₹1,811.95 - ₹1,899.00


Swan Energy


0.00 (0.00%)

₹599.00 - ₹610.05


S&P BSE Realty Index Sectors

Sector Name Advances No Change Declined
Construction 1 2 1
Diversified 0 1 1
Realty 5 7 2

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What is S&P BSE Realty?

Currently, the realty sector contributes 6-7% to the GDP of India. This figure is expected to grow and reach $ 1 trillion by 2030. It is expected to contribute more than 13% to the GDP by 2025. Given the considerable contribution of the real estate sector to the Indian economy, it can be said that it plays a crucial role in helping us determine the economic health of the country. It is also a large generator of employment for the youth. 

S&P BSE realty is an index that measures the performance of the companies that are classified as belonging to the realty sector and are the constituents of the BSE 500. The companies considered to be a part of the real estate sector are sorted based on their float-adjusted market capital, and the top companies are included in the BSE realty index. All the companies involved in buying and selling of lands or buildings and buying or selling of residential or non-residential properties are known as realty sector companies. Here properties refer to fixed properties like lands, buildings, complexes, etc. 

The prices of BSE realty are calculated continuously in real-time to provide the investors with a better picture of the industry and its future outlook. The index value is influenced by the BSE realty share price changes. All the stocks that are a part of the BSE realty index are also a part of the BSE 500. In other words, all the constituents of BSE realty are selected from the BSE 500 index.  

This index was launched on 9 July, 2007. January 2, 2006, was taken as the base date for calculating the value of the index. BSE realty share price is calculated using the float-adjusted market capitalization method. Under this method, the total market cap of the stock is adjusted with the free-float factor, and the float-adjusted market cap is calculated. 

There are a total of 10 stocks in the BSE realty index currently, and they together have an average market cap of INR 251,405.54 million. The index is also rebalanced twice every year in June and December. Any new stocks are added, and any existing stocks that do not meet the selection criteria are excluded from the index. 

S&P BSE Realty Index
Founded Year

How is S&P BSE Realty Calculated?

All the eligible stocks that fulfil the eligibility criteria and are selected for consideration are ranked according to their float-adjusted market capitalization. The top 10 companies in terms of float-adjusted market capitalization are selected for inclusion in the index. 

Let’s illustrate this with an example –

Company N has 5 lakh shares listed on BSE. Out of these, only 50% can be traded freely. The market price of the stock is INR 500. Then, it is calculated as follows –

Total Shares in Market for Company N A 5 lakhs
Market Price per share of Company N B INR 500
Total Market capitalization C = A*B INR 25 Crores
Free-float factor (50%) D 0.5
Free-Float Market capitalization E = C*D INR 12.5Crores

After calculating the float-adjusted market capitalization for every stock, all the figures are added and then divided by the base year’s market cap and multiplied by 100. Given below is the formula for calculation –

BSE Realty Share Price Today = Total Free-Float Market capitalization x 100 / Base Market capitalization 

How are Stocks Selected for Inclusion

Given below are the conditions that every stock needs to meet to be included in the BSE realty index. 

  • All the stocks being considered for inclusion should be a part of the BSE 500.
  • The top companies, based on their average float-adjusted market cap for the previous 3 months, are selected for inclusion in the index. 
  • All the stocks should have a minimum of 90% trading days in the previous 3 months. 

S&P BSE Realty Index FAQs

What are S&P BSE Realty Stocks?

S&P BSE realty stocks are the stocks that form part of the BSE realty index. These stocks are selected from the BSE 500 constituents and belong to the companies that are engaged in buying and selling residential or non-residential land and properties.

How to invest in S&P BSE Realty?

Here are the two ways to invest in BSE realty –

  • Invest in all the 10 stocks individually. For this, you will need more capital for investment. 
  • You can also purchase the units of a mutual fund that will invest your money in realty sector stocks, providing you diversification at low capital investment.

What is the objective of S&P BSE Realty?

The purpose of S&P BSE realty is to track the performance of those companies that have been classified as realty sector by the BSE classification system. It reflects the industry growth and performance of the sector to the investors who are willing to explore the sector.

Is investment in S&P BSE Realty safe?

Investing in many realty sector stocks at the same time can make your investments safer as it will help you diversify your investments. Remember, not every stock will result in a loss at the same time. Diversification will help you cover the loss from one stock with a profit from another.