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Use SmartIVR to Fetch Key Documents Without Having to Call Anyone

05 September 20234 mins read by Angel One
Getting your queries solved and fetching important documents are even easier now! Interact with Smart IVR to experience the next level of customer support!
Use SmartIVR to Fetch Key Documents Without Having to Call Anyone
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What is New?

Angel One has now introduced the Smart IVR system to solve all your queries efficiently. Smart IVR is a self-serve intelligent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) method for customer support, designed to resolve your queries. 

Whatever help you need, you can choose it from the options available over the IVR DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency). The response will happen over email/SMS or on the IVR itself by playing a relevant voice message.

For example, if you need a specific report, you can obtain it without interacting with a human via the following process: 

  1. Simply dial 18001020 with your registered mobile number.
  2. If you dial 18001020 via an unregistered mobile number, then enter your registered mobile number to validate.
  3. Thereafter, input the designated key (DTMF) prompted over the IVR.
  4. Choose the report that you want.
  5. The said report will be emailed to your registered email ID
  6. Also, if you want to know the status of the last fund addition or withdrawal request, the same can be played as a voice message over the IVR if you opt for it. 

How Does This Make Things Better?

Smart IVR offers the following advantages to you as a customer:

  1. It offers a superior self-service experience by eliminating the need for human support to resolve your queries
  2. With Smart IVR, you can easily navigate through the system using DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) options and fulfill your requirements without the delays and miscommunications involved in human interaction. 
  3. Because it is a software that is scalable, Smart IVR can handle all your queries as many times as you want without any dips in quality of service. Similarly, it does not delay your needs even when multiple people are interacting with it at the same time.

Whether it’s requesting a specific report or checking the status of a fund addition or withdrawal, the Smart IVR system empowers users to take control.

Note: IVR functionalities for unregistered numbers are limited. For example, such users can only request for “Statements” on Smart IVR since these details are sent to both the registered email and mobile. They cannot access Funds or any other info which are disclosed on the call itself.  


In summary, the Smart IVR feature enhances customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and efficient self-serve experience. It allows users to access the information they need, such as reports or transaction statuses, with ease and convenience, all without the need for agent support.

If you want to know more about such product updates, follow the Angel One community today!


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