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Upcoming Dividend Paying Stocks In April 2023

04 April 20236 mins read by Angel One
As we enter the month of April, investors are eagerly awaiting the announcement of upcoming dividend stocks. For those unfamiliar with dividends, they are a portion of a company's profits that are dis
Upcoming Dividend Paying Stocks In April 2023
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If you’re interested in investing in the stock market, you probably already know that dividends can be an important source of income. Dividends are payments made by companies to their shareholders out of their profits, and they can be a great way to earn a passive income.

Investing in dividend stocks can provide diversification and generate additional income for your investment portfolio. While companies pay dividends on both preferred and common stocks, the payment of dividends on common stocks is not guaranteed.

Whereas, when it comes to dividend yield, it is a ratio that indicates the amount a company pays out in dividends relative to its share price. By using the dividend yield formula, you can determine which company is offering higher dividends for a specific investment amount. The amount paid as dividends per share is fixed and expressed as a percentage of the face value, not based on the market value of each share. Therefore, the value of the dividend yield changes based on the current market price of the stock. 

List Of Upcoming Dividend Paying Stocks in April 2023 

Name of the stock Dividend Type Dividend (%)* Announcement date Record date Ex-dividend date
HCL Tech Interim 0.00 17-03-2023 28-04-2023 28-04-2023
Vesuvius India Final 82.50 28-02-2023 26-04-2023 26-04-2023
Nestle Final 750.00 16-02-2023 21-04-2023 21-04-2023
Dhampur Sugar Interim 0.00 27-03-2023 18-04-2023 18-04-2023
Muthoot Finance Interim 0.00 20-03-2023 18-04-2023 18-04-2023
Britannia Interim 0.00 28-03-2023 13-04-2023 13-04-2023
Edelweiss Interim 25.00 31-03-2023 13-04-2023 13-04-2023
Good Luck Interim 100.00 31-03-2023 14-04-2023 13-04-2023
Varun Beverages Final 10.00 28-03-2023 12-04-2023 12-04-2023
Visaka Ind Interim 0.00 28-03-2023 12-04-2023 12-04-2023
Rail Vikas Interim 17.70 21-03-2023 06-04-2023 06-04-2023
Vedanta Interim 2050.00 23-03-2023 07-04-2023 06-04-2023

*The Dividend above is a percentage of the face value of the stock. This means, if the face value of the stock is Re. 1 and the dividend being paid is Rs. 23, then the dividend (%) is 2300% of Re 1.

Are dividends the only factor to consider when buying stocks?

No, dividends are not the only factor that one should consider while buying stocks. Dividends are a form of income paid out by a company to its shareholders, but there are several other important factors to consider before making an investment decision. Some of these factors include:

  1. Financial health of the company: It’s essential to examine the financial statements of the company, including its balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, to determine its financial health. Look at the company’s revenue growth, profit margins, and debt levels to assess its financial strength.
  2. Industry and market trends: It’s also important to consider the industry and market trends affecting the company. Look at the company’s competitors, the state of the economy, and any regulatory or political changes that may affect the industry.
  3. Management and track record: A company’s management and leadership are critical to its success. Also, look at the track record or past performance history of the company’s stocks and how it has performed in the past.
  4. Growth potential: Finally, consider the company’s growth potential, including its plans for expansion, new products or services, and future revenue streams. Look for companies with a track record of consistent growth and a clear strategy for the future.

While dividends can be an important factor when selecting stocks, it’s crucial to consider a range of other factors, including the company’s financial health, industry and market trends, management and leadership, and growth potential.


In conclusion, the upcoming dividend stocks in 2023 can be a great way to invest in the stock market and receive regular income. However, it’s important to do your research and carefully evaluate each company before making any investment decisions.

When looking for dividend stocks, consider factors such as the company’s financial stability, dividend history, and growth potential. It’s also important to diversify your portfolio and not rely too heavily on any one stock.

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