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IT Companies where both FIIs and DIIs increased stake this quarter; do you own any?

15 February 20245 mins read by Angel One
Among all the stocks, two have delivered a remarkable return of over 150% to their shareholders in the past six months.
IT Companies where both FIIs and DIIs increased stake this quarter; do you own any?
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Today, the Nifty IT index closed the session in the green, up around 300 points compared to Friday’s closing levels, despite the Nifty50 and BSE Sensex concluding the session in the red. Additionally, the NSE IT Index is just 3.7% below its all-time high level of 39,446.70, which was registered in January 2022.

Given this momentum today, we will be exploring the list of stocks belonging to the IT space where both Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) have increased their stakes, as per the most recent update. Additionally, we have mentioned their stock performance over the last six months.

As investors, we are always curious to know which FIIs and DIIs are buying shares or increasing their existing stakes in which company. It’s not just FIIs and DIIs that hold importance, we also pay close attention to the movements of High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNIs) and veteran investors who have a stake in a particular company.

These market participants namely FIIs and DIIs play a significant role in the stock market and have a notable impact on the performance and valuation of companies. When FIIs and DIIs increase their stake in a specific company, it often leads to significant implications for the share price.

Stocks List:

Company Name CMP Rs M Cap Rs in Cr Chg in FII Holding % Chg in DII Holding % 6mth return %
Quick Heal Technologies 468.70 2,499.14 0.10 0.31 161.28
Infibeam Avenues 32.55 9,043.64 0.01 0.02 152.69
Aurionpro Solution 2,049.20 5,067.80 1.78 0.28 89.13
Genesys International Corporation 457.00 1,738.87 1.85 0.04 70.55
Nucleus Software 1,530.00 4,096.30 1.33 1.06 50.26
Rategain Travel 773.30 9,107.76 3.25 0.96 45.67
Mastek 2,850.90 8,745.04 0.17 0.42 35.05
AXISCADES Technologies 774.90 3,230.07 0.14 7.64 30.44
Accelya Solution 1,857.45 2,773.13 0.01 0.06 25.69
Subex 37.30 2,102.53 0.39 0.03 21.47
Allsec Technologies 706.00 1,081.08 0.03 0.10 19.99
Infosys 1,680.10 6,97,191.40 0.10 0.32 18.44
Wipro 501.45 2,62,004.66 0.34 0.02 17.15
Allied Digital 153.80 850.97 1.08 0.01 14.85
Ramco Systems 287.25 1,015.65 0.40 0.01 9.13
eMudhra 492.20 4,075.99 0.48 4.45 8.21
Tata Elxsi 7,498.60 46,698.58 1.22 0.91 7.98
Expleo Solutions 1,350.00 2,095.18 0.03 0.53 5.08
R Systems International 478.00 5,654.89 0.06 0.09 -1.92
Onward Technologies 545.45 1,227.38 2.05 5.31 -10.62
Tanla Platforms 949.90 12,769.13 0.31 0.16 -13.22

Among all the listed stocks above, three companies—Axiscaded Technologies, Onward Technologies, and eMudhra Limited—have attracted major investments from DIIs by 7.64%, 5.31%, and 4.45%, respectively. Meanwhile, RateGain Travel, Onward Technologies, and Genesys International Corporation have attracted increased investments from FIIs by 3.25%, 2.05%, and 1.85%, respectively.


An uptick in FIIs and DIIs shareholding over any given period fosters a positive sentiment among investors, bolstering their confidence to remain invested in the company. This is largely attributed to the fact that these investors typically allocate funds to sound companies. However, it’s essential to note that while they may generally make prudent decisions, investors should conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. It is crucial to scrutinise aspects such as the company’s business, management, financial performance, and other relevant factors.

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions.

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