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Consolidated VS standalone Financial Statement: Which one should you check

30 August 2022

An investor must understand the financial performance of a company. Researching and evaluating financial reports is critical before you bet your hard-earned money. Public companies issue two types of financial statements – consolidated and standalone. This article discusses the financial statement types. What is a consolidated financial statement? As the name suggests, a consolidated statement …

How can women start investing for a solid financial future?

29 August 2022

Men have dominated the investment space for a long time. But as societal equations are changing, there is a surge in the number of female investors. Ease of investing offered by the investment apps, greater financial autonomy, and awareness have led to higher inclusion of women.  This article is for our women investors. Here are …

Gold vs Silver: Where should you invest?

29 August 2022

Over the years, precious metals have carved a niche in the financial market. Gold demand increases when volatility increases in the market or an economic crisis emerges. From an investment perspective, the price of the yellow metal soars whenever the stock market faces a bloodbath. For investors, gold is a safe haven to perk their …

Understanding Currency Risk

24 August 2022

Currency is a separate asset class that gives opportunities to earn profit in the short term. But like any other business, currency trading involves risk. Anyone who wants to enter the realm of currency trading needs to understand the risks involved.  The primary type of risk involved with currency is foreign exchange risk. Foreign currencies …

Should You Move Your Money To Debt Funds?

17 August 2022

In October 2021, NIFTY reached an all-time high at 18,640 points. The stock market was buoyant. Easy monetary policies, low-interest rates, and FPI drove the global stock market to new heights. Some mutual funds, like SBI Small Cap and Union Small Cap, generated 100 percent returns. The market was overvalued, and it was easy to …

What is a Standing Deposit Facility (SDF)?

10 August 2022

You might have come across Standing Deposit Facility (SDF) while going through the news. Now you must be wondering what it is and why RBI has introduced this additional tool for absorbing liquidity, right? Well, read through with us to know all about SDF. Introduced by RBI w.e.f 08-Apr-22, SDF is a liquidity tool that …

5 things you should know before investing in the US stock market

1 July 2022

The US stock market remains one of the top choices for Indian investors. The US stock exchanges are the homes of some global technology leaders and multinational businesses, creating great investing opportunities. Moreover, the low correlation between the Indian and the US equity market makes it an exciting proposition for investors. If it has piqued …

Indian investors’ guide to investing in US stocks

24 June 2022

The US market remains the top choice for Indian investors when exploring international investment opportunities. The stock exchanges in the USA are the home of some of the largest corporations and global technology giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. Investing in the US market allows Indian investors to diversify portfolios beyond Indian stocks and amplify …

What Is Lot Size In Options Trading?

24 May 2022

Options traders usually trade in ‘lots’. But if you are a beginner, the word may sound foreign to you. So, before participating in F&O trading, let’s clear all doubts regarding lot size. Futures and options trading is unlike stock trading. F&Os are derivatives that derive their values from the underlying stocks, ETFs, or commodities. Futures and …

Is EPF Interest Tax-free? Know Here!

24 May 2022

The Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is used as a retirement and tax planning instrument. It is mandatory for all employees earning more than Rs 15,000 a month and working in an organisation with more than 20 employees to contribute to EPF. Is EPF interest tax-free? Earlier, the interest earned on EPF was tax-free. However, in …

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