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How to Make ₹1 Crore for Retirement

30 November 2023

Retirement planning is a crucial aspect of financial stability, ensuring a comfortable life after you stop working. Simply put, it is a process of setting financial and lifestyle goals for your retirement years and developing a strategy to achieve those goals. While there are various avenues for retirement savings, SIP in mutual funds and the …

Best Financial Gifts for Your Sibling This Bhai Dooj

15 November 2023

Bhai Dooj is a time to celebrate the special bond between siblings. It is a day to express your love and gratitude for your brother or sister. If you are looking for a gift that is both meaningful and practical, consider giving your sibling a financial gift which can help your sibling build their financial …

In the lender’s chair: Factors to consider before making a Rs 10 crore investment

9 November 2023

Lending a substantial amount like 10 crores to a company is a decision fraught with financial implications. It necessitates a meticulous examination of various factors to ensure not only the safety of the investment but also the potential for returns. 1. Financial Health Check: The Balance Sheet Analysis The cornerstone of any lending decision is …

Mastering the Art of Wealth Navigation: The Five Phases of Professional Portfolio Management

27 October 2023

Introduction: In the vast and dynamic world of investments, the role of a portfolio manager is akin to that of a seasoned captain charting a course through tumultuous seas. To successfully navigate the treacherous waters of financial markets, one must possess a profound understanding of the five crucial phases of portfolio management. Each of these …

Dussehra 2023: 10 Financial Habits to Kill This Dussehra

19 October 2023

Dussehra or Vijayadashami, the festival symbolising the triumph of good over evil, is a perfect time to reflect on your financial habits and eliminate those that may be impacting your financial well-being. It’s time to conquer your financial demons. In this article, we’ll explore 10 common financial habits that you should bid adieu to this …

Top 5 Alternative Investment Options in India

13 October 2023

Alternative investments have been gaining traction alongside traditional options like fixed deposits (FDs), stocks, mutual funds, and gold. These non-traditional avenues encompass a range of opportunities, including hedge funds, private equity, commodities, real estate, venture capital, private debt placement, peer-to-peer lending, investing in start-ups, arts, antiques, vintage coins, stamps, and inventory financing. Investors, particularly High …

Empowering Investors Worldwide: Celebrating World Investor Week

13 October 2023

World Investor Week is a global campaign promoting investor education and protection. As we celebrate this day, we admit how crucial it is to enhance financial literacy and ensure investors have the knowledge and tools they need to make wise decisions. In the below article, we’ll delve into the key important concepts behind World Investor …

Pushing the Boundaries of Investment Tech: Angel One and Beyond

13 October 2023

What is Investment Technology? Investment technology refers to a wide variety of digital tools created to help you efficiently navigate your investment journey. This includes enabling you to search for potential investments, investing, and monitoring them. Such technology has been available, especially in the US, since the 1990s. However, in recent years, with the advent …

10 Best Investment Plans for Girl Child in India: International Day of the Girl Child 2023

10 October 2023

When securing your daughter’s future, think beyond buying gold and quality education. As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2023, let’s explore the diverse investment options available for girl child in India. Grab a cup of tea, and join us on this journey together, tailored for your precious one. …

Everything You Need to Know About SGB Series II

14 September 2023

On September 11, 2023, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), acting on behalf of the Government of India, unveiled the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2023-2024 Series II. In this latest offering, the price has been established at ₹5,923 per gram of gold. But before that, let’s know everything about Sovereign Gold Bonds Series II. What …

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