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Best Drone Stocks in India

28 March 20236 mins read by Angel One
It always makes sense to invest in emerging technology. Drone technology is an emerging technology for investors to capitalize on. Let’s learn more about it in this article.
Best Drone Stocks in India
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Drone stocks refer to the shares of the companies that are involved in the manufacturing of drones and other related technologies. Drones are aerial vehicles that can either be remotely controlled or can fly anonymously. Drones are famous because of their capability to perform in dangerous situations. It has grown tremendously in terms of popularity and this makes it one of the hot topics for investors. Drones have applications in various industries like defence, agriculture, delivery services, etc.

Top Drone stocks to keep an eye on

Name Market Capitalisation (Rs. in crore) Total Revenue (Rs. in crore) Net profit (in crores) Return on Equity (%)
Infoedge India 44603.07 15,399.46 12,759.56 108.47%
Bharat Forge 36225.12 10,833.99 1,081.76 17.91%
Paras Defence and Space Technologies Ltd. 1860.108 185.53 27.06 9.24
Zen Technologies Ltd. 2465.604 75.13 1.99 0.79%
Droneacharya Aerial Innovation 3.59 0.41 5.28

Infoedge India

Infoedge India is an angel investor for many famous startups in India like Zomato and Policy Bazaar. The company was founded in 1995 by Sanjeev Bikhchandani, who currently serves as the executive vice chairman. Info Edge has a strong presence in the Indian market and has established itself as a reliable and trustworthy brand. The company’s portals have become the go-to platforms for job seekers, property buyers, and those looking for partners. The company always invests in emerging technologies, drones being one of them. Infoedge India has acquired equity in Skylark Drones, a business that strives to develop the fundamental framework for the world drone ecosystem, with the intention of entering the drone sector.

Bharat Forge

Bharat Forge is a leading global manufacturing company based in India that is well known for its expertise in forging and metalworking. However, in recent years, the company has diversified into other industries, including aerospace and defence, and is actively involved in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. Since Drones have various applications, Bharat Forge has invested in this technology. The current market price of Bharat Forge is 820. The company has also signed contracts with other World leading companies and has invented drones to meet the wide needs of the industry.

Paras Defence and Space Technologies ltd.

Paras Defence and Space Technologies (PDST) is a private sector company that primarily designs, develops, manufactures, and tests a wide range of defence and space engineering products and solutions. Defence & Space Optics, Defence Electronics, Heavy Engineering, and Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Solutions are the company’s four major segments. The company has signed contracts with other foreign companies in this industry, for example, Fixar from Latvia and Nurjana Technologies from Italy. The CMP of this company is 487.

Zen Technologies Ltd.

Zen Technologies Limited was established in 1996. The company creates, develops, and produces combat training solutions for the training of security and defence personnel. It actively participates in the industrialization of technology that benefits the paramilitary, state police, and armed forces of India. The company is currently focusing on heavy-lift drones and anti-drone systems. The current market price of this company is 272 Rupees. Recently Zen Technologies Ltd received a contract worth 1.6 Billion Dollars from the Indian Air force for supplying counter unmanned aircraft systems.

Droneacharya Aerial Innovation

Incorporated in 2017, Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Limited provides a high-end ecosystem of Drone solutions for multi-sensor Drone surveys, data processing of Drone data using robust high-configuration workstations, Drone pilot training & specialised GIS training. Droneacharya is a recently listed company with a current market price of 148 Rupees. As part of its land surveying services, it serves customers from a wide range of industries, including power lines and utilities, oil and gas, infrastructure, agriculture, and more. Moreover, it offers options for underwater surveying too.

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In conclusion, India’s drone industry is expanding quickly, with a number of businesses involved in the design and production of drones for a range of uses. Drone stocks in India are projected to attract increased interest from investors worldwide as the demand for drone-related services and technologies rises. Now that you have learned about Drone stocks, open a Demat account with Angel One and start building your wealth by investing in Drone stocks.


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