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3 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid in 2016

09 August 20223 mins read by Angel One
3 Big Financial Mistakes To Avoid in 2016
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Financial mistakes do happen. No one is perfect and we are all prone to mistakes once in a while. When financial mistakes are concerned, there are broadly two mistakes that can take place, one that you can notice quickly and the one you cannot. The one you cannot notice often goes on for years without being corrected and more often than not it comes back to haunt you in the worst ways possible.

Here are a few such financial mistakes that you should avoid in 2016:

“I Don’t Need A Budget”

Everyone, more or less has some kind of a life goal and they try their best to align themselves with these goals. Most of these goals are financial in nature. However to realize a financial goal in the future, you need to have a budget. Since people think that a budget is for individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, they end up not having a budget in the first place. But in reality it is not so and a budget can greatly help your cause. A budget chalks out your spending plan so that you can achieve your goals in time. It can be something simple or complicated depending on what you want. A budget will help you save and help you make headway wherever your goals are concerned.

“Credit Cards are There”

If your lack of a budget proves to be the biggest financial mistake ever, wait till we move on to our second mistake, debt. Debt is one of the biggest enemies of personal finance. Every time you want your money to grow, you are pulled back by your debt and you spend most of your time trying to get rid of this debt. Credit cards have single-handedly ruined consumers by providing them instant loans. Consumers keep on purchasing products using their credit cards without a thought and soon the debt starts piling up. To stop this from happening, along with maintaining a budget, stop using credit cards altogether. Once you have cleared all your debt move on to a credit card with a lower-credit option. Credit cards are not bad if you are disciplined enough to pay off your bills on time, but if you keep racking up the debt, it is you who is going to suffer at the end of it all.

“The Stock Market is too Risky”

We agree that the stock market is a risky and volatile place. We also agree that losing money in the stock market is as easy as gaining money. But if you ignore the stock market throughout your life, you will be making the biggest financial mistake ever. If you want to create a fund for your retirement or want to finance your child’s education, then you have to invest in the stock market over the long term. The stock market provides great returns if you consider investing your money for one or two decades. Also, investing in the stock market will help you keep up with the inflation as cash in savings do not really amount to much and you lose out on your purchasing power.

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