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Who Can Become An Angel One Affiliate Business Partner

05 August 20225 mins read by Angel One
Who Can Become An Angel One Affiliate Business Partner
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Cover the distance between investors to affiliate partner with Angel One. This article will cover all the aspects of becoming a stockbroker agent or authorised person,  an excellent career option if you like to think and act like an entrepreneur.  It is an opportunity to become your own boss. Let’s now learn about becoming an affiliate partner.

Who is an angel broking affiliate partner?

An Angel One affiliate works under the banner of Angel One. They are indispensable for our business model and function as an extended arm to deliver our services to more investors. They work independently, are free to grow their business to any extend. An affiliate partner’s earning depends on successfully building a business book.

An affiliate is an authorised person. They offer investment services to investors intending to invest in the share market.

Who are authorised persons?

Per SEBI  or the Securities and Exchange Board of India, Indian investors can’t invest directly in the share market. The stockbroking firms act as a facilitator between the exchanges and investors to facilitate the investment process. However, since the number of stockbroking firms is less than the number of investors,  they appoint authorised persons who interact directly with the investors. These authorised agents are registered under the stock exchange, without which they can’t deal with securities. If you are an investor who knows about the security market, you can apply to become an authorised person. You need to pay a registration fee to obtain an authorised person license from the exchange.

Who can become an angel broking affiliate partner?

Any Indian resident individual, partnership firm, LLP, or body corporate can apply to become an affiliate partner. An affiliate partner is a franchise who offer our products and services to investors, under Angel One’s banner and receive all kind of support to grow their business from us.

Becoming an Angel One affiliate partner is easy. All you have to do is meet a short list of requirements as following,

  • An affiliate partner must be 21 years of age
  • The minimum qualification required is 10+2
  • One must have 2-3 years of experience as a broker
  • Knowledge of finance market

If you meet all the above criteria, zealous, and self-driven,  fill in a simple online form to apply. Click here. Our team of professionals will help with the onboarding process.

Angel One affiliate is one of the most popular ones because the initial capital requirement is less, and you can set up the business in 2-3 business days.

Angel One affiliate program comes with loads of perks

Angel broking is one of the most popular full-service brokers with more than two decades of proven track record. Becoming an Angel One partner immediately gives you the advantage of the investor’s trust that we have gained over the years.

We will provide you with training to establish a business, understand how to keep accounting and build a business book. Our partners also receive the benefit of continuous training, seminars, and access to our internal research materials to offer the best investment solutions to their clients.

How much can an affiliate partner earn?

Our affiliate model allows our partners to earn commissions based on business volume. Angel One has one of the best revenue sharing model among peers. An affiliate partner earns 30-80 percent commission, which means they can extend their earning potential to any extent.


If establishing a business is your dream, then Angel One can help you realise it. Angel One affiliate is one of the most prestigious ones in the competitive space. We provide you with assistance to establish, grow, and sustain your agency business with a well-structured, tested and tried training model.

More than 11,000 affiliate partners are currently associated with us, spreading across 900 Indian cities – one of the highest in the industry.

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