Financial Instruments Traded In Stock Market

22 February 2023
2 mins read
Financial Instruments Traded In Stock Market

Equity stock market offers a number of financial instruments to invest in. Every new investor needs to understand these options before investing. Angel One presents fun-to-learn 60 sec videos to help you grasp these basics.

Here’s an easy to understand insight to the most common financial instruments of the equity stock market.

Transcript :

[Music] what are the financial instruments traded in the stock market meet Amit he’s a supporter of diversity in trading – Amit likes to invest in a variety of financial instruments apart from stocks emits diverse investment portfolio consists of several financial instruments like bonds mutual funds and derivatives bonds are issued by companies and the government to raise money for expansion and finance a variety of projects returns and bonds are periodically paid to the investor in the form of a fixed interest amount a mutual fund is a professionally managed trust that pulls the savings of many investors and invest them in a bouquet of shares and other financial assets our derivative is a contract between two parties and involves speculating on the price of a certain asset on a future date the most common types of derivatives are futures and options you too can invest in any or all of these financial instruments at Angel One [Music]