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The Railway Stock Surge: A Three-Year Rollercoaster Ride

23 October 20236 mins read by Angel One
Indian Railways: On the Fast Track to Success - Railway Stocks Surge, Investors Rejoice, and Industry Growth Booms.
The Railway Stock Surge: A Three-Year Rollercoaster Ride
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The Indian Railways have recently shown significant improvements in project execution, and they operate the fourth-largest railway system globally with an extensive network that spans the entire country. This vast network employs over 1.4 million people, making the railway industry India’s largest employer. Railway stocks have experienced a remarkable surge, with some companies seeing their stock prices increase from less than Rs 20 to as high as Rs 100 during the recent bull market. The railway industry is expected to experience substantial growth in demand for its services due to its extensive connections to various industries. This growth potential not only benefits railway stocks but also businesses involved in producing railway components. 

Following are the Railway Stocks with their Closing price and Intraday Performance: 

SCRIP  BSE PRICE (Rs)  % Change  NSE PRICE (Rs)  % Change 
BEML  2,336.35  1.20%  2,341.00  1.39% 
CONTAINER CORPORATION  711.40   -1.13%  711.55   -1.08% 
IRCON INTERNATIONAL  154.10   -1.53%  154.10   -1.60% 
IRCTC  698.20   -0.78%  698.90   -0.70% 
IRFC  77.70   0.32%  77.60   0.13% 
RAIL VIKAS NIGAM  167.05   0.03%  166.95   -0.03% 
RAILTEL CORP OF INDIA  233.05   0.39%  233.25   0.45% 
RITES  499.05   -1.03%  498.05   -1.28% 
TEXMACO RAIL  136.15   1.11%  136.50   1.30% 
TITAGARH RAILSYSTEMS  798.00   -2.96%  800.00   -2.75% 

Following are the Railway Stocks and their performance for the respective period mentioned below:
Values are in percentage (%) 

Name  Daily  1 Week  1 Month  YTD  1 Year  3 Years 
Jupiter Wagons  3.47  -3.30  -3.68  234.91  312.41  2,080.00 
TITAGARH RAILSYSTEMS  3.36  3.43  33.74  255.64  390.26  1,740.74 
RAIL VIKAS NIGAM  1.12  0.85  39.07  144.32  350.07  794.10 
TEXMACO RAIL  7.72  -0.58  64.37  140.04  182.66  504.35 
Bharat Electronics  -0.22  -0.87  0.07  37.14  26.85  356.97 
Ircon  -1.15  13.83  10.86  158.91  281.50  288.21 
IRCTC  -0.09  1.49  11.85  9.37  -5.81  163.64 
RITES  -0.87  5.54  -1.04  47.14  33.52  107.73 
Container Corp India  -0.88  1.55  -4.08  -3.63  -4.32  85.67 
IRFC  3.33  1.31  136.23  138.40  261.77  0.00 
RAILTEL CORP OF INDIA  6.61  7.79  66.58  83.87  121.43  0.00 


Jupiter Wagons: This stock has displayed exceptional performance, particularly in the long term. It has shown significant gains of 234.91% year-to-date, 312.41% over the past year, and an impressive 2,080.00% over the last three years. This suggests that Jupiter Wagons has been a remarkable investment, possibly due to strong market sentiment and financial performance. 

RAILTEL CORP OF INDIA: Another notable outperformer is RailTel Corporation of India. It has exhibited significant growth, with gains of 83.87% year-to-date and 121.43% over the past year. Short and medium-term performance is robust, reflecting positive investor sentiment. 


Container Corp India: This stock has underperformed in several time frames, particularly over the past year with a decline of -4.32%. The year-to-date and one-month performances are also negative at -3.63% and -4.08%, respectively. This suggests that Container Corp India has faced challenges or negative sentiment that have impacted its stock price. 

IRCTC: While showing positive returns in the longer term, has underperformed in the shorter term. It has a 5.81% loss over the one-year period and a 0.09% loss on the daily timeframe. The recent negative performance could be due to factors such as changing travel trends and pandemic-related issues affecting the company’s business. 

Investors should consider the underlying reasons behind the performance of these stocks, such as company-specific factors, industry dynamics, and broader economic conditions, before making investment decisions. It is essential to conduct thorough research and consider one’s investment goals and risk tolerance when evaluating stocks for investment. 

What’s Next for Railway Stocks?

Disclaimer: This blog has been written exclusively for educational purposes. The securities mentioned are only examples and not recommendations. It is based on several secondary sources on the internet and is subject to changes. Please consult an expert before making related decisions. 

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